Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Tuesday 12th. April 2011

Back to reality today , working up on the Greensand Ridge , with very little time to look for wildlife . The only exception , was a very friendly Chiffchaff , which decided to join us for lunch . It stayed with us for the best part of ten minutes , the whole of that time , continuously calling with the Phylloscopous 'hueet' , but we didn't mind listening to that . The day for me finished mid afternoon , when my Warden was called away , which meant that I could have a look around on the way home . I headed straight for the clearing where I had the six Grass Snakes , a short time ago . I arrived to total silence , the only movement being a large Red-tailed Bumblebee , searching the area for a nest site . Then , same as last time , noises from the brash pile at the back , but no Grass Snakes this time , just a large dog Fox that lopped off , probably having been disturbed from his afternoon sleep . With the canopy beginning to close , the Bluebells are racing to complete their cycle , before the light is cut out , but looking at their best in the dappled shade . Which is more than could be said of a Comma butterfly , which looked the worse for it's hibernation . I noticed that the Oak has beaten the Ash into leaf , but depending what part of the country that you come from decides whether it will be a 'spash' or a 'soak' . Few reptiles were seen , but it was 'deja vu' with this one , a male Adder in full breeding colours , exactly the same as the last one we saw yesterday . And , what is the cause of the colour change , yes , a female . The warm weather seems to have brought their mating forward this year , I wonder if I will be treated to the 'Dance of the Adders' again this year ?


Lancs and Lakes Outback Adventure Wildlife Safaris said...

Think we need to invite you up here to show us how to find the few snakes we might have Greenie.
Great stuff you get all the way down there.



Phil said...

That's a handsome looking male Adder Greenie. Good to get the head nicely in the picture.
I've been trying to ID the small grass carrying Bee species we saw yesterday but to no avail.
Elmley tomorrow with Alan, I doubt i'll brush up on my Adder spotting skills there.

ShySongbird said...

I spent some time trying to identify your moth with the striped abdomen from the last post Greenie but have had no luck whatsoever so far.

I am still giggling at a comment I have just read on a certain Sharp Natured blog, hope the glasses are un-steamed by now!

Lovely to see the Chiffchaff, I haven't managed a photo of one yet this year but have heard plenty, maybe it was hoping to share your lunch ;)

Ah! I well remember your Adder dance last year, it would be great if you see it again this time.

Warren Baker said...

That Chiffchaff was probably agitated Greenie, it may have had a nest nearby :-)

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Greenie, I see what you mean snap with the Chiffchaff :-) Nice pics again.

Ken. said...

Hi Greenie.
First of all I amd pleased you gave phil some good sightings on Monday, you certainly know where to look. Great photo's too.As for Tuesday, nice Chiffchaff shots.