Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Wednesday 25th.May 2011

Two hard days working up on the Greensand Ridge produced a few highlights . Yesterday , two moths , the first I hope , is Heart and Dart , and the second , Small Magpie .Before leaving home this morning , there seemed to have been a large hatching of the Soldier Beetle Rhagonycha fulva , they were all over the back garden . In an open fronted barn at one site , the Swallows have built a new nest this year , as someone , probably a Wren is using the old one . This was where the Spotted Flycatcher nested a couple of years ago . This afternoon whilst working in a meadow , I found my first Meadow Browns of the year . Absolutely pristine and could have emerged just today . Both females , with the orange blaze on the forewing , and males with just the eye spot breaking up his chocolate-brown wings .
Just one other thing of interest , was this moth , found in the Warden's kitchen , but I will need help from the man to identify this one . At the time I thought it might be a Footman , but I don't think so now .


Anonymous said...

Correct id`s with the first 2 moths, Greenie. And the last one looks like a seen better days Orange Footman.

Kingsdowner said...

Oh no, not Meadow Browns...... summer's nearly over!

ShySongbird said...

Heart and Dart! What a great name, I do like some of these moth names :) We had a Small Magpie in the house a while ago so I recognised that one.

Those Meadow Brown's do look very pristine.