Thursday, 22 September 2011

Thursday 22nd. September 2011

I thought I would have another trip to Knole Park this morning , as two weeks have passed since the failed trip for the Fallow Deer rut . I have to report that once again there was no activity on the high ground , but I don't think it is too far off . Having been disappointed on the high ground , I had a wander around the slopes surrounding it , concentrating on large area of Bracken . From the tracks and flattened Bracken , it was obviously well used by the deer for shelter , and by the look of it , for sleeping . As I wandered through the bracken , I came face to face with this boy , just look at the
muscles in his neck , and the air sack in his throat that will allow him to roar . I just managed to get the one shot before he turned and walked off . I watched him from a distance , and at one point he crossed some open ground , allowing a full shot of an animal that I think will be a contender for the
'king of the hill' . I left him hovering , just below the hill , and as I said , things will kick off soon . The only other interest found on site was a fungi that fruits at the base of deciduous trees ,
especially Oak and Beech , and this one , the size of a football , was at the base of an Oak . With things so quiet , I decided to visit Sevenoaks Reserve , which is only a short drive away . My first stop was to see if I could strike lucky with the Kingfisher again . I had several flybys and saw it catch
a couple of fish , but never came closer than the far corner of the lake . Until , it just appeared much
closer , but , just as I got it in focus , it took off again , leaving me a blurred shot of the action . In
between views , I spotted a good sized Grass Snake swim into view from the right , looking as if it was struggling . It slowly made it's way to a mat of Blanket Weed , where it managed to haul itself out and get it's breath back . While it was resting , two Grey Herons circled the lake , and criss-crossed the Grass Snake . I felt sure that one of them was going to take it , but neither did .
Eventually , the Herons flew off , and the Grass Snake took it's chance to sprint for the overhung bank , and safety . All this happened at 20/25 metres out from the hide . Still nothing special on the large lake , and as I walked between it and the Long Lake , I was escorted by a family of Mute Swans
who were moving between the two lakes . The one in front , with attitude , was the cob , followed by the pen and their cygnet . The only other interest found was a juvenile Cormorant , a species not
easily approached , but was more concerned with the large number of Canada Geese that were around , rather than a bloke with a camera .


Alan Pavey said...

Great Deer shots Greenie and more Kingfishers to boot :-)

Marianne said...

Beautiful photos. My boyfriend went to Knole first thing this morning to see the deer (I drew the short straw and got to take the cat to the vet instead) and he too didn't see much activity - maybe next week!

Warren Baker said...

I like that Swan shot Greenie, deserves a funny caption, but i'm not witty enough to think of one ;-)

Ken. said...

Hi Greenie.
The Fallow Deer stag shots are great, and you are right, he does look like he will give the others a run for their money. I went there last year and photographed the Deer and I hope to go there next week.
As for Sevenoaks Reserve, your motion picture of the Kingfisher is pretty good, I will probably call in there on my way home to look for it, as I have not managed to take a shot of one yet.Finally the Grass Snake was a good spot.