Thursday, 26 April 2012

Thursday 26th. April 2012

The last three days have been a washout in every sense of the word . I have only managed a few darting outings to local sites during that time , and have finished up getting a soaking on my way back to the car each time . When it wasn't raining , the strong wind made sure that little wildlife was found . Even though the weather has been so bad , a pair of Blue Tits have been busy collecting
materials for their nest on the garage wall . Well , that should read , one of them has been busy
collecting , whilst the other one makes sure that the job is done properly . Both shots were taken yesterday through double glazing . Talking of nests , the pair of Robins that made their home in an old enamel teapot I put deep in some Honeysuckle , seem to have a family now , as both adults are constantly too and fro with food . The bad news on the nest front is that in next door's back garden , a pair of Carrion Crows have a nest in a large Eucalyptus tree and a pair of Magpies have one at the top of a conifer at the bottom . Then of course there are several pairs of Jackdaws nesting in the chimneys along the road , and many more is adjoining streets . The are regular visitors to the bird
tables , and I must say look very dapper in their breeding plumage . Two of my visits were up to the Common , and I'm pleased to say that the second Long Tailed Tit nest now has young , with the adults working hard to keep anything up to 12 hungry young satisfied . On today's visit , the wind was so strong it was almost a waste of time carrying the camera around , but a couple of shots of a
Chiffchaff in song just about made it ., as he took a roller coaster ride on an Oak branch . Over on the heathland area , that wind has damaged a couple of Silver Birches , and I certainly gave this one a
wide berth as I passed it by . You could almost see the split getting lower as you looked at it . Only other interest found was by the car park , where Green Alkanet / Pentaglottis sempervirens , a
member of the Borage family , has come into flower . Hoping to get out and do a proper visit somewhere tomorrow , weather permitting , I think 'cabin fever' is setting in .
And finally , some help please with a caterpillar found on Heather on the heathland yesterday . I
thought at first it was the Beautiful Yellow Underwing moth at first , but now I don't think so . Any ideas ?


Warren Baker said...

As you say Greenie Awful weather the last few Days, stick at it though, it will all change............hopefully!

PS last nights gales brought down the barn Owl box we all put up :-(

Greenie said...
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Warren Baker said...

Hi Greenie ,
Thanks for the offer to help me put the Owl box back up :-)

If you have time, any weekend afternoon would be ok for me.

Can you bring your ladders and ropes again, plus any bits you can think we might need :-)

Thanks again

Rohrerbot said...

You folks really had a wind storm. That tree looks like it has seen better days:) I just read Warren's post about his seedlings. Hopefully you'll all get everything back up and running again in no time:)

Rob said...

The little Green Alkanet flower is a lovely blue, isn't it.

Superb new header photo, Greenie!

ShySongbird said...

I like the new header photo Greenie. Love those Blue Tit photos too especially the one of the observer on the post.

There certainly have been some wild storms in the last few days and that tree does look dangerous, you were wise to avoid it I think!

I don't seem to be doing very well with your IDs this year. I spent some time last night and again today trying to track down your caterpillar and did wonder about Blair's Shoulder-Knot but on reflection I really don't think it is so no help I'm afraid!