Monday, 25 June 2012

Monday 25th. June 2012

As I pulled off the drive this morning , I still wasn't sure where I was going , but the wind had dropped , the sun was shining , and I was heading out , somewhere . That somewhere proved to be Old Lodge Reserve on Ashdown Forest , and for the first time in three visits , arrived with no sign of any fog . It proved to be a good visit , so it's pictures and comments this post .
First picture opportunity was a male Wood Lark , singing atop a Pine .
Followed soon after by one of at least 4 juveniles seen on the visit .
One of the Pines also provided a Treecreeper , could well have been juvenile , but not sure .
The horse paddocks at the far end of the Reserve held three Corvid fledglings , two pictured here and from the thick bill , would make them Ravens .
This was one of the adults that was being pestered for food by the three juveniles .
The Pines were also the hunting grounds for two Spotted Flycatchers , with at least two young .
The juvenile Common Redstarts , a bad shot of one here , were being fed by parents , in between finding their own food .
A family of Nuthatches worked their way past me with the young constantly calling for food .
I think this is a juvenile male Stonechat , the only one of the species seen on the visit .
Whilst trying to photograph a male Redstart , this juvenile Wood Lark was busy having a dust bath .
Finally managed to get a few shots of a male Redstart , it looks as if he has already started moulting .
He didn't look so bad from the back though . Other species seen / heard , Willow Warbler , Chiffchaff , Common Whitethroat , Tree Pipit , Common Buzzard , Bullfinch , Goldcrest , Coal Tit , Green and GS Woodpecker along with the expected ones .
Whilst attempting to get the Redstart , a female Fallow Deer approached , but one snapped twig and she was gone .

About 1000 and warming up , a few Odonata , like this male Emperor Dragonfly took to the air .
In another pond , a female was laying her eggs , each one deposited in vegetation .
Not far away , I found a pair of Emreror Dragonflies in ' the ring' .
With clouds gathering on the horizon , I headed for the other side of the Forest in search of Silver-studded Blue butterflies .
I found a lot more Common Sundew / Drosera rotundifolia , than butterflies .
With the wind getting up and the sun disappearing , a fly by , followed by a very fresh male .
But not easy to photograph in the conditions .
the 'silver-studs' , are the blue centres to the black spots . This specimen not a good example , and females usually show the 'studs' better too . Next time .


Warren Baker said...

Sounds like my ideal habitat Greenie, a paradise !

Phil said...

All brings back recent memories Greenie. I would have loved to have seen the Ravens though, no sign when I was there. And the Woodlarks must have fledged since then too.
A great place to visit.

ShySongbird said...

What a good visit you had Greenie, I know I've said it before but you really do have some wonderful reserves in your part of the country!

You saw a lovely selection of birds and got some great photos too. Lovely to see the Silver-studded Blue!