Sunday, 2 December 2012

Sunday 2nd. December 2012

Although I knew it would be pointless , I had to visit the Rowan tree early this morning , in beautiful sunshine , to confirm that the Waxwings had cleared the last of the berries and had moved on . And that was exactly what I found . Lots of dropped berries on the grass and pavement , but they were obviously not what the Waxwings wanted , but they were providing a fine breakfast for the Fieldfare . Left on the tree were a few berries , and lots of stalks . I was very lucky to have been able to see flock on Thursday and Friday , but I would have loved just one more view , but it wasn't to be . I did do the rounds of the local streets , but came across hardly a berry bearing tree or bush , so there was nothing else to hold them in the area . I also tried the roads on the other side of the small stream , but they too were berry and Waxwing free too . I was getting ready to head home for a hot coffee , when I came across a young urban Fox , not in the best of condition I must admit , and looking very cold . It took very little notice of me whilst it searched for something to eat . I followed it around the streets , but the only thing I saw it eat were a couple of fruits that had fallen from trees . With very little body weight , |I think it will struggle to get through a cold Winter .

Then it disappeared into a garden and that was the last I saw of it .
This afternoon , sadly after the sun had gone off the Callicarpa berries , the male Blackcap treated us
 to a visit , whilst back at the sunflower hearts , that were still in the sun , a steady stream of
Greenfinches seemed to be in charge , but members of the Goldfinch flock were hanging around the
edges to have their chance to ensure Carol needs to fill the feeders twice daily . The hard frost last night brought the return of the upward growing icicle in one of the birdbaths . When it first happened I thought it was something extraordinary , but having found articles on the web , they are not that
unusual . I read an article on how it happens , but didn't really understand it . It still looks very strange to have an icicle growing at 45% to the water .
Probably won't post again this week as three of us are hedgelaying all week , roll o0n the weekend .


ShySongbird said...

Oh dear, that Fox didn't look very well at all :-(

I remember reading the explanation for the upward growing ice too...but can't remember a thing about it now ;-)

Good to see the birds are taking advantage of your garden fare. Lovely photo of the Goldfinch.

I read there were Waxwings up the road, within walking distance of me, yesterday. Needless to say, they weren't there today!

Marianne said...

I feel sad for the fox, such a beautiful animal but it does look like it's really struggling :( Lovely Blackcap. The upward icicle is fascinating, not heard about this phenomenon before.

Warren Baker said...

Poor old fox :-(

I hope those Waxwings come my way next Greenie, ive got apples staked out all over my garden !