Sunday, 3 March 2013

Sunday 3rd. March 2013

A few bits and pieces from the two day tree laying session this weekend .
Yesterday , the air was full all day with the constant chattering of Siskins , the feeders in the middle of the reserve are taking a real hammering . During the morning , a single Common Buzzard passed overhead calling . Before lunch , two Common Buzzards overhead , being mobbed by a Sparrowhawk . At lunch time , we had 11 Common Buzzards , thermalling together about a mile away from where we were sitting .
Today , with bird ringers due on site , I got there early , before the nets were put up , but unfortunately the promised broken sunshine didn't show , but the Siskins did .

Blue , Great , long-tailed and Coal Tits , together with Chaffinches , Goldfinches , Robins and Blackbirds were also joining in on the feasting . When I went back just before heading home , a Tree
Creeper was working a nearby tree , but on the darker side of the trunk . The ringers were kept busy all morning , mainly with Siskin catches , but  a few other species too :
Male Nuthatch ,
Female Siskin ,
Male Siskin ,
Goldfinch , a privilege to be so close to those beautiful birds .
The promised sunny periods never materialised , until I reached home , too late .
As for the trees due for laying , all layed .


Warren Baker said...

It's been a good year for Siskin Greenie :-)

Sun will be out tomorrow morning, as i'm back to work ;-(

Alan Pavey said...

Nice seeing birds in the hand, I always think the birds seem much smaller when being held.

Marc Heath said...

Love the Nuthatch shot, bet that was good seeing that in the hand.

alan woodcock said...

Hi,that was a nice day out.

ShySongbird said...

You were definitely rewarded for your good work with some lovely sights Greenie. I read that Siskins are being seen more at garden/reserve feeders because of the poor seed harvest this time. I haven't spotted them at my feeders but my friend who lives nearby has seen them in their garden.

How lovely to get such close views of the 'captive' birds, lovely photos too.