Thursday, 18 April 2013

Thursday 18th. April 2013

So , there I was walking up the road towards the barrier , with a cool wind blowing in off Tesco Lake and quite overcast skies . In the lake are a few trees , and just in front of them , what looked like a small mudflat . Paddling around the mudflat were two Great Crested Grebes , acting strangely . Usually at a distance of 10/15 mtrs. , they would be off as soon as they spotted me , but these two
looked a couple of times , then carried on in their furtive way . It looked to all intent and purpose that there was a 'drug deal' going down , but I ruled that out on account that the money would get soggy . . After a while , one bird climbed out of the water onto the mudbank , calling continuously to the
other , that just carried on paddling about . The bird on the mudflat even stretched out prone , calling even more vociferously , but to no avail . Eventually , the bird paddling about joined the prone bird on the mudflat , and after waddling around for a while , proceeded to trample all over the prone bird's
back and neck with gay abandon , much to the disgust of the prone bird , which was calling even louder . After a short while , even though the bird on the mudflat remained prone , the other bird went
back to paddling around . The scene reminded me of Penelope Keith / Margo in The Good Life saying , 'that's the last time I play the tart for you Jerry' .  I don't know if the paddling bird had an instruction book , but it climbed out onto the mudflat for a second attempt , but perhaps the book was
in a foreign language , as this attempt was no better than the last , with the upper bird almost falling off the one below , who by now was doing the equivalent of human screaming . Once again the second bird returned to the water , by now with a very quizzical look on it's face . The volume of
calling encouraged the paddling bird back onto the mudflat , and at least this time it was at the right end .It took a few more minutes before the 'Eureka moment' happened , by which time the prone bird
was either exhausted , or even lost the will to live . In no time at all the upper bird was off and
heading back to the water , looking very pleased with itself , with chest inflated , ear tufts pushed out and wings flapping . The other bird remained prone with a 'was it all worth it' look on it's face .
Today , I managed a look around the Common after lunch under clearing skies , finding my first adult
Slow Worm of the year , a good sized female on the heathland area , and in one of the glades , a
melanistic / black Common Lizard , a first for me . On the way back home , the juvenile Common Buzzard was still in place , three Swallows were feeding over the horse fields ,  and it appears that the first youngsters have hatched in one of the Rook's nests . The other nests still have birds sitting tight , especially in today's wind . I just managed to get home before thunder , lightning , hail and heavy rain was the order of the day . Carol didn't mind though , as we had cut the lawns before I went out .


Phil said...

Blimey Greenie. Grebeous bodily harm springs to mind! You should notify the flying squad I reckon:-)
Super series of pics.

ShySongbird said...

A great sequence of photos Greenie, definitely X-rated stuff! Poor Mrs GCG, we are so used to seeing them look elegant! I had to smile at the mention of the line from the Good Life, we have the entire collection on DVD and only recently watched that episode for the umpteenth time.

Love the photo of the common Lizard.

John from the Chid said...

Love the Lizard... one of my favourite creatures