Monday, 17 June 2013

Monday 17th. June 2013

An unexpected brighter spell this afternoon , though still windy , so I had a visit up on the Common . I had the place to myself , so was able to take my time having a good look around .
On the heathland area , Common Green Shieldbug / Palomena prasina .
Several migrant SilverY day flying moths .
Another day fling moth , the Beautiful Yellow Underwing , the yellow just showing halfway down the abdomen . Personally , I think it should be renamed , the Joseph moth .
Adult Brimstones were recorded , and the next generation is growing , very quickly .
The warmer temperature seemed to encourage a hatch of Garden Chafer / Phyllopertha melolontha .
Also scurrying around amongst the ground vegetation another black and yellow insect , this time the longhorn Wasp Beetle / Clytus arietis . It kept climbing up the vegetation and trying to take off , but
landing within a metre .
I decided to give it a helping hand , or should that be finger .
Harmless to us , but to a small meal ?
A total of 11 Small Heaths were recorded , including two females , one pictured . The females are larger than the males and don't get involved in the aerial battles , they just wait for the successful male to come to them .
In one of the glades , the first recorded Small Copper for the site this year . Obviously very recently emerged , but already damaged . Could have been caused by the recent high winds .
Just before getting back to the car , another Black-tailed Skimmer . From this angle would suggest an immature male , going by the anal appendage and the short segment 10 .


Warren Baker said...

A late sunny spell saved the day Greenie, still not many flutters about though :-(

Marc Heath said...

Some nice shots Greenie, at least you are managing to get out for some shots.

Phil said...

Good to have a poke around in the undergrowth Greenie. Did the same myself today.

Alan Pavey said...

Some nice bits and pieces there Greenie, I've just started mothing again hopefully will actually post something one day!!