Monday, 5 August 2013

Monday 5th. August 2013

Following yesterday's post , Warren asked if Clouded Yellows ever open their wings . In response , Marianne and Spock both confirmed that they rarely do , just when taking off or as Marianne put it so technically ' a female might when doing the bum-aloft rejection display to a male ' , I love that technicality .
So as no females were present , it had to come down to a lucky take off shot . I had a rummage through the shots I had taken , and came up with these .

I must add that there were a lot of rubbish ones too that went straight in the bin .


Spock said...

A series af great pictures, the 2nd shot is the one i like the most

Warren Baker said...

Well Greenie,Looks like I will have to somehow stimulate the ''Bum in the air'' rejection display !

Alan Pavey said...

Nice selection Greenie, hope we get one or two at Sissnghurst soon, so I can try a few pics :-)