Friday, 28 February 2014

Friday 28th. February 2014

A catch up on a few things found whilst out and about , at a time when the weather can't decide whether Spring is here , or not .
Nothing different on the feeders in the woodland , but lifting a few bits and pieces , produced my first newt of the year , a Great Crested variety .
Don't seem to have got many Winter Thrushes in the viewfinder this Winter . A bit of sunshine would have made a big difference to the shot .
2 of 7/8 female Pheasants , mopping up under the feeders in the orchard at Bough Beech . Sun wouldn't have gone amiss here either .
Sunshine on a visit to Sevenoaks Reserve , but very little about apart from hundreds of gulls . When they all took of , it looked like a blizzard . Strangest thing found , was this male Mandarin following every move made by the Greylag Goose in front .
The sunshine continued up on the Downs , to begin with , and this male Brimstone was making the most of it .
Also on the wing , 5 Small Tortoiseshells , but being buffeted by the stiff breeze .
3 Adders were found on a woodland edge , this one scented me and headed down into the tree roots , probably his hibernacular . The hazy area at the bottom of the shot was the wire fencing I was shooting through .
A little later , he had a look from his underground home to see if I had gone .
A second animal posed briefly for a shot , but seconds later was heading underground .
The visit also produced my first Slow Worm of the year ,
and also first flowering Primroses .
This Common Lizard , still in hibernation , was found under a felt , just in a small depression in the ground . Luckily the temperature hasn't dropped that low this Winter , or it could have been in trouble .
Managed to break 3 , when during some pre midday sunshine today , I managed to find 4 Adders , but the sun didn't last long and they disappeared with it .


Phil said...

A great variety of creatures there Greenie. A nice taster of things to come. Shame all of your pics weren't filled with sunlight, but you can't have everything.......yet!

Warren Baker said...

Whats this sun thing you keep on about ????? :-)

Loadsa good stuff on the blog post today mate, whets my appetite for whats to come - - maybe!