Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Wednesday 23rd. April 2014

Monday , I went up on the Downs in search of the species I didn't find at High Elms on my last visit
there . In perfect butterfly conditions my list comprised ; Green Hairstreak (12) , this one showing part of it's brown upper wing , Holly Blue (3) , Comma (1) , Small White (1)  Peacock (3) ,
Dingy Skipper (13) , all very active , this being the only one that settled for a few seconds .
just a single Grizzled Skipper ,
Brimstone (23) , including these two males , both trying to out do the other and catch the eye of the
female . Also found , the my first Burnet Companion of the year , and the caterpillar of the Burnet
Moth , this will pupate typically at the top of a grass stem in it's paper-like cocoon .
Two areas of grassland each produced in excess of 25 Early Purple Orchids ,
Just four Adders were found , all females , which tells me that the mating period is probably over
now . A few Slow Worms and an incomplete Common Lizard , completed the reptiles found .
A Common Buzzard , with a full crop was moved on by the local Corvids . Quite pleased with the
shot considering it was taken with the 100mm. macro lens . The overnight rain ensured plenty of Roman Snails about , and under an old piece of wood , a Bank Vole had made a home and had 5/6
newly born , blind , hairless youngsters to support . On the way home along the bottom lane , Greater
Celandine / Chedonium majus , a member of the Poppy family was found in flower , not to be confused with Lesser Celandine / Ranunculus ficaria , a member of the Buttercup family , which is one of the earliest plants to flower .
I was going to include today's visit , but with plenty found , I will post again shortly , leaving just
a taster .


Warren Baker said...

Did my best to find a Green hairstreak today Greenie, no luck of course! I did find a Brimstone, but not quite in your league, just the one for me :-) I saw a complete Lizard however!

Phil said...

Nice varied post Greenie and a Nightingale too. Wonder where you found that!!!! :-)

Mike H said...

Wonder if you find that Nightingale in the same place i did today Greenie. Nice set of Butterflies Green Hairstreak still eludes me.