Monday, 4 August 2014

Monday 4th. August 2014

Just a quick post following a morning visit to Sevenoaks Reserve , where I headed straight to Willow Hide , finding one particular Kingfisher , very keen on getting into the viewfinder . Just four of about 100 shots taken of the bird , over about a ninety minute period , then it all went quiet .

On Snipe Bog Lake , 13 Egyptian Geese , managed to get 12 in this shot . Seemed to be 4 adults and
9 juveniles , but they are almost as big as the adults already . When they reached the island , numbers
told , and the few Canadas that were on it , slipped quietly away . And finally , remember the three little balls of fluff following the pen behind Willow Hide ? Well , they too have nearly reached adult
size , and the fawn coloured one is still the same .


Phil said...

Great Kingfisher shots Greenie. I notice there are two screw heads on the end of that didn't nail it to the post did you? :-)

Warren Baker said...

I might have to try again for that Kingfisher Greenie. Your patience was well rewarded today :-)

alan woodcock said...

Hi,very nice Kingfisher shots.

Anonymous said...

No wonder the Kingfisher wasn't at the Carter Hide - he was all photographed out!! - he did land on the perch just after 5, but I was packing up and hanging out of the window photographing Damsels before I left so he didnt stay long enough for pics.

Graham (East Peckham)

Alan Pavey said...

Excellent shots of the Kingfisher Greenie, still not managed one shot myself yet :-(