Monday, 6 April 2015

Monday 6th. April 2015

A picture catch up on a few visits made in somewhat unsettled weather . 
At Kelsey Park in Beckenham , both Nuthatches were at their nest site , the male singing and seeing
off anything that got too close , while his mate made final additions to 'Chez Nous' .
On Heron Island , the 'punk styled' youngsters are as big as the adults now , one can just be seen behind the middle 'punk' .
 A visit to High Elms LNR to look for White Admiral caterpillars wasn't successful . I found the Honeysuckle bushes where I had found the caterpillars last Autumn , but no sign of them having emerged to carry on feeding .  But all was not lost , as the visit provided several year firsts .
 Bluebell / Endymion non-scriptus
 Wood Anemone / Anemone nemorosa
Wood Sorrel / Oxalis acetosella 
 Toothwort / Lathraea squamaria
 and still in bud , Moschatel / Adoxa moschatellina
 On the way back to the car , I heard Bullfinch but couldn't find it , but hanging around were Stock
Dove , and a male Rose Ringed Parakeet that was looking for a nest site with it's partner .
Up on the Greensand Ridge just two new males have emerged , but with the changeable weather most animals are deciding to stay below ground , with just an occasional look outside .
But sadly , one male hasn't made it . I found him lying upside down with mouth open , but no marks at all on the body .
In better conditions this morning , a look up on the Common found it alive with butterflies . A
minimum of 8 Brimstone , all but one males . The sole female was being pursued by two males .
5 Comma , two of which were courting , and a minimum of 10 Peacock , many of which were engaged in aerial battles .
Biggest surprise were a pair of Roe Deer , the doe bounding off into the distance , the buck disappearing into the Gorse .
On the side of one of the paths I found two Common Ink Caps / Coprinus atramentarius .
Later on at home , Carol found a Peacock sunning itself on a log , and when I went to photograph it , I noticed a small black and white spider on the compost bins . Somewhere in the back of my mind
 Zebra Jumping Spider 'jumped' out , and having Googled it , I think Salticus scenicus is what it seems to be .


Spock said...

Had 40 Butterflies on the Hutchinsons Bank Transect today, including 12 Small Tortoiseshell

Warren Baker said...

I photographed a similar looking spider today Greenie, not quite the same as yours ??

Phil said...

Great early Spring post Greenie. Shame about the adder, I wonder what bought about its demise?