Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Wednesday 21st. October 2015

A wet day at least gives a chance to catch up on a few recent outings .
A trip to Knole Park in Sevenoaks , in better conditions , in the hope of finding some deer rutting proved unsuccessful . A good number of Fallow Deer were found around the site , mainly Fallow like
this stag browsing on the lower branches of a conifer , but the usual centre of activity , Echo Mount , was almost empty of any deer at all . Eventually one stag did make his way to the top , bellowing as
he did so , but shortly afterwards , collapsed into his ' pit ' , and there he stayed . Apart from the Fallow , there are a few Sika Deer on the site , and a short distance away , I found this confiding
female .Finding little else of interest , I started my way back to the car , when I noticed someone in the distance twirling something on a rope . As I got closer , I could see it was a falconer , obviously trying to entice a bird down from a large tree . I got onto the other side of the avenue of trees and could hear the bells attached to the jessies , every time the bird moved , but could not see it because of the canopy leaves . After a lot of effort and calling , the bird was taking no notice until it attempted to take a pigeon as it flew by , but failed , but it did land in the open and I got my first view of a
beautiful female Goshawk . The saga went on for another half hour before the falconer finally managed to entice the bird down . When he did so , I asked if I could get a few shots and was pleased
when he agreed . Initially , she was very agitated , but after some food she settled . It was great to see
the bird up close , but I would have preferred if she was flying free .
The bird survey at Down House produced 19 species , which included all Thrush species apart from Ring Ouzel . The Yew tree in the formal gardens held 9 Mistle Thrush , 13 Redwing , and 7 Fieldfare
( one pictured ), and around the site Song Thrush and Blackbird were recorded .
A visit to Bough Beech Reservoir found it full of Greylag and Canada Goose , with the single Black-tailed Godwit still on tthe North Lake . A single Little Egret and a fly-over Raven were the only other avian  interest found . On the way , a lovely show of Sowbread / Cyclamen hederifolium was found
on a roadside verge , and also in the local area , a super show of Devilsbit Scabious / Succisa
pratensis , providing nectar for the many bumblebees still on the wing , along with the odd specimen
of Betony / Betonica officinalis , a member of the Labiate family . On getting home , I had to remove
a Dor Beetle ( one of the Dung Beetles ) / Geotrupes stercorarius , from the carport floor , before backing in .
A visit to Sevenoaks Reserve didn't produce any excitement birdwise , but on the way round
Lawyer's Wig or Shaggy Ink Cap / Coprinus comatus and the less often found Ramaria stricta were
found on the fungi front and down in the small meadow alongside Long Lake , a very fidgety female
Common Blue Damselfly was unexpected , along with a more expected female Common Darter .
This species can go on into November if conditions are suitable . Also on the wing were large
numbers of Caddis Flies , all making the most of the sunshine . That sunshine had also enticed out
dozens of Harlequin Ladybirds in the area of Buddleia bushes behind Tyler Hide . Three of the forms

found are pictured , there were probably more .
Yesterday I made another visit to Knole Park and although there was more activity amongst the Fallow Deer , the nearest they got to rutting was lowering of heads , but nothing else . Echo Mount
had four well antlered bucks , two were only metres apart most of the time , all roaring to attract
females and gathering small harems . The only action occurred when a younger buck , like these two , got too near to the females , when the older buck would chase it off . So I don't know if any rutting took place this year , or did the stags just divide up Echo Mount , but one thing is for sure , and that is
that the future generation is ensured . This buck must have had the right bellow , as he mated with several females . The other bucks bellowed and got nowhere . As I left the site , I managed a shot of
a male Sika Deer .

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Warren Baker said...

I like the Fieldfare shot Greenie, not a species Ive had much luck at photographing. Keep at it mate!