Saturday, 18 October 2008

Saturday 18th.October 2008

It's Saturday , so it can only be two things , hedgelaying and Buzzards . The hedge is now about three quarters done . Another couple of visits should see it finished . Took a photo from the roadside this time , with the ditch in front of the hedge . We are now well past the hedgeline at right angles beyond the National Trust sign , and have had several people stopping their cars on the road , saying how much they liked our work . Once again , the Buzzard landed on the dead tree , and I stopped what I was doing , and headed towards it , camera in hand , with fully charged batteries . About halfway to the tree , I saw a couple of the local Corvids heading straight for the Buzzard . I quickly took this hand held shot , just before it took off and disappeared towards Leith Hill Tower . Talking Corvids , several times throughout the day , large numbers of Corvids , mainly Jackdaws , but with Carrion Crows too , wheeled into the sky for several minutes , before settling down again . I could not be certain , because of the distance , but there were one or two very large specimens amongst them . Raven came to mind , but as I say it was too distant to confirm . On the way home , on the A29 , I caught sight of a Buzzard hunting over a roadside field . I threw the car onto the verge , jumped out , and managed this shot just before it headed over the roadside trees , and out of sight . Then I realised that the camera was still set on landscape mode , which I used for the hedge shot . Never mind , better luck next time .

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