Saturday, 25 October 2008

Saturday 25th.October 2008

As I suggested yesterday , today was a day of hedgelaying and Buzzards . It didn't help that a shoot was taking place locally , and some of the beaters were actually in the field where we were hedgelaying . I had one good Buzzard sighting before the shooters got going , when it flew in and landed on the dead tree again . Must be one of it's favourite perches . Unfortunately , one of the beaters spooked it almost immediately , and off it flew . Another bird was heard calling just before we left , but it was not sighted .
Last Saturday , I said that one of the Corvids I saw when they all got up in the air , was larger , and could have been a Raven . Well , today I was talking to another birder at the hedge who lives within sight of Leith Hill tower , and he told me that there have been a pair of Ravens in the area for the last 2/3 years , so it could have been one of them last week .
He also mentioned that for the last couple of weeks , there has been an Osprey seen regularly in the area . I asked if there were any lakes around , and he confirmed that there was a trout fishery the other side of the tower , and that was where most sightings occurred .
Needlessly to say , I didn't get a sighting today , but perhaps next week ?

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