Friday, 6 February 2009

Friday 6th. February 2009

What a miserable day it has been today . A local walk this morning couldn't be classed as pleasant , with wet slush under foot , sleet showers and an allover dull feel to the day . The wildlife must have felt pretty much the same , as there was very little of it about . For the second day running , work up on the Common was cancelled because of the conditions .
After lunch , I came up to the back bedroom to do some much needed sorting out of pictures on the computer . The weather got worse with almost constant sleet or drizzle . Whilst at the computer , I caught a flash outside the window , out of the corner of my eye . I looked right and caught the back end of a Grey Heron disappearing behind the houses , only to make a sharp left turn and lift , and finish up at the top of a conifer in the gardens backing on . It was about 40mtrs. away , and with the light conditions , I knew the shots would be poor , but I started taking a couple anyway . After a couple of Jackdaws and a Magpie had given it some grief from a distance , it started to preen itself . Suddenly , from out of nowhere , it was attacked by a very vociferous Carrion Crow . I missed the first couple of sortis because I wasn't expecting them , and then thought I had missed the opportunity , as the Crow was now perched some distance and out of sight of the Heron . I carried on watching and hoping , and , eventually , the Crow came in for seconds .
And thirds .
The Crow made several sortis with varying amount of interest being shown by the Heron .
But , before leaving the Heron in peace to get on with it's wash and brush up , I took my favourite shot , with the Crow looking like something out of a TV cartoon .

I can't think which cartoon it was , but someone might ?

The only other thing of interest was in next door's garden , where a Jackdaw was on the fat ball seemingly to be thinking 'if Blue Tits can do it , so can I' .

Mind you , the smart ones get the meal without the effort .
Hedgelaying tomorrow at the bottom of the Downs at Dorking , apparently it's a snow-free zone !


Warren Baker said...

Just as well I was busy today by the sound of it greenie. What an atrocious day it was! Still the weekend looks a bit better.

Phil and Mandy said...

You have some great shots there mate, I see what you mean about the cartoon looking photo, it does slip my mind the name of the cartoon as well...will show to a few friends and see if they can remember. Phil

Ken said...

Hi Greenie.
Talk about every picture tells a story. Nice shots you got.

Kingsdowner said...

A great series of pics there - who won?