Sunday, 1 February 2009

Sunday 1st.February 2009

Had a walk out with Carol this morning , and the only thing of interest found were two Redwings on the football pitch in the local park .
So after lunch , and between snow showers , I took myself off to Hayes Farm . As soon as I got out of the car , I thought about getting back in and going home . The wind was bitter and with not many trees to break it , it cut right through you . Anyway , I set off over the stile and onto the farm . The Oak at the stile held a good sized flock of Starlings and the trees behind the houses held a couple of dozen Woodpigeon , but not a sign of the Redwing flock or the mixed Finch flock . I found t 3 Greenfinch in the scrub behind the log piles , but even the Chickens were absent from the manure pile , where they have been on every visit . In the field used as a car park on Boot Sale days , about 40/50 Woodpigeon were feeding on the ground and I also had a pair of Pied Wagtails fly over , battling against the strong wind . In the top corner of the field , I found a flock of about 15 Redwings and as I approached , they flew into adjacent trees . I attempted to get closer , but as I got within camera range , a 'seep-seep' , sent them all scattering . I assumed the alarm call was for me , but from behind me , and close on their tails came a Sparrowhawk at about head height . It appeared the Redwings had too good a start and the Sparrowhawk continued at low level along the hedgeline .
I made my way to the Trout Fishery , which was really exposed with wind in today's direction , to find 3 people fly fishing . The residents seemed very similar to last time , with the exception of
just one Little Grebe , and the addition of one female Tufted Duck . But I must admit , that from a distance , I thought at first she was something else with that white patch above her bill . The initial excitement diminished when the wind blew her tuft over her head , and I was sure that it wasn't something special .
By now , even with gloves on , my hands were frozen , so headed back to the car a differnt way . Almost immediately , I found the large flock of Redwing , numbering about 40/50 feeding on the ground in one of the horse paddocks . By now I was having difficulty operating the camera , but did manage to get a few closer shots .

Feeding alongside the Redwings , were a flock of 12/15 Linnets . I tried hard to get a shot of them , but it wasn't to be , they were more flighty than the Redwings , and caused them to move off frequently . Another large flock of Woodpigeon was found on my way back to the car , but the Chaffinch/Goldfinch mixed flock evaded me .

By the time I reached the car , another snow shower was about to start , a warm cup of tea was calling .


Warren Baker said...

Well done Greenie for braving the cold.
only 27 day's till March, and some milder weather!!

Phil Green and Mandy Pavey said...

Some nice shots of the Redwing.