Thursday, 24 December 2009

Thursday 24th.December 2009

Another very grey day , and although the snow is thawing , it still felt very cool , so the morning was spent doing maintenance on my hedgelaying tools , and keeping a watch on the Cotoneaster bush next door , which has been attracting more Winter Thrushes by the day , and they are starting to eat the topmost berries , probably the ripest . The call of Fieldfare had me reaching for the camera , but the only chance I got of a shot of them , was when they both had their backs to the lens . They had probably just fed , and perched in the Hazel above the berries , before flying off again . Talking of pairs , I finally managed to get a shot of the two Blackcaps in the same frame . I had just one opportunity , before a couple of Chaffinches flew in and the pair scattered . The male showed well , the female bottom , just left of centre , was more covered by the Callicarpa berries . Meanwhile , back at the Cotoneaster bush , proof that the top berries were ripe enough . I tried to get closer , but the only bird that came whilst I was down the garden , was this female Blackbird .
After lunch , with the light no better , I went for a walk through what used to be the local farm , and back along the bottom lane . Missing during my last couple of walks , were the resident Rooks , but now , with the thaw , they have returned to the usual horse paddocks . Along the bottom lane , I found several Redwings , feeding mainly on Ivy berries , much to the annoyance of the local Blackbirds . Just managed a quick shot of one as it landed for a split second on the adjacent Hazel . In the grounds of what was the farmhouse , was one of probably 12/15 Rose Ringed Parakeets that I found on my walk , and they were apart from the 4/5 that have been raiding the feeders in the garden over the last few days .
Walking on the thawing snow/ice , I shall be glad when it's all gone , as it is downright dangerous in it's present condition .
And finally , I would like to wish all Bloggers and readers a very Happy Christmas , and all the very best for 2010 .


Ken Browne. said...

Hi Greenie.
First of all: Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to you, and your family.I hope you have a good un!
Secondly:Don't you just love having the Blackcap's in your garden.
Finally: Thanks for an interesting years blogging. I look forward to next years.I think it was probably you that helped me look at other aspects of nature while out birding, ie bugs, my first Orchid in the cemetery etc.

Anonymous said...

Yep, Seasonal best wishes to you, Greenie.

Kingsdowner said...

Well done on your nice pair!
And I hope you have a great christmas, with not a hedge in sight!

Warren Baker said...

You're 'avin a larf 'aint ya! A pair of Blackcaps in the same frame - in winter. I'm not envious one bit!

Happy christmes to you and the missus Greenie.

Simon said...

Hope you had a happy Christmas, and have a wonderful 2010.