Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Tuesday 29th.December 2009

The forecast was right , the rain/sleet started falling just before 9 o'clock , and it hasn't stopped since . Needless to say , hedgelaying went by the by , and the day has been spent sorting photos on the computer , with occasional looks out the back bedroom window , to see what was about in the gardens . It was during one of these breaks , during a really heavy downpour , that I noticed two Collared Doves , perched in next door's Laburnum tree , nothing unusual there . Then one of them lifted it's wing , then the other did the same . Over a period of 3/4 minutes , they carried on doing this , until , at one time , they managed to synchronize their movements , and now I'm wondering if it is synchronized showering or synchronised semaphore practice ?
All the expected species have been visiting the gardens , but fewer Winter Thrushes today , with just 1 Fieldfare and 6/8 Redwings feeding on the Cotoneaster next door , the other side .
Talking of which , Steve / Kingsdowner commented on yesterday's post that the shrub must be
'one helluva Cotoneaster' , and yes Steve it certainly is . This shot was taken from my back bedroom window , and the shrub must stand 6/7 metres high , is multi-stemmed , the branches reaching the top of the shot , but having already been cleared of berries . Top left of the shot are the Hazels , which the Winter Thrushes use to sit and digest their meal , before swooping down for more . The bottom berry covered branches span about 8 metres , and the branches behind span about the same . Obviously , they start on the ones out of view behind , then from the top downwards .
It is not the usual Cotoneaster horizontalis , found in most gardens , and also in the wild now , but one of the cultivars of Cotoneaster frigidus-Tree Cotoneaster .


Warren Baker said...

Maybe I should invest in one of those cotoneasters Greenie. Mind you, I have planted various berry bearing shrubs, non of which bears a single berry ! I have Holly, Pyracantha, and a variagated thing which i was assured would produce berries - it doesn't. maybe its my crap gardening skills ? :-)

Kingsdowner said...

Thanks for the explanation and scientific ID of the cotoneaster in question.
Synchronised showering.....now there's a concept.

Warren, it seems you're on a downer after your camera hassles.

ShySongbird said...

What strange behaviour! I have noticed Wood Pigeons acting in a similar way, goodness knows what it is all about.

Regarding an earlier post, very well done on helping the ewe and so nice to hear of a young lad being so concerned too. The poor creature could have been in real trouble if it hadn't been for you two. We have had to help several sheep in the past who have somehow got onto their backs!