Saturday, 26 February 2011

Saturday 26th.February 2011

A day hedgelaying , down off the Hogsback , near Guildford started off very wet with more rain to come looking at the sky . But , someone was looking down on us , as we managed to get away with just a couple of drizzle showers , neither lasting any length of time . To the North of us , we could see rain falling from almost blackened skies , but still we kept reasonably dry . As we were packing up , the skies started to break , and this brought 3 Common Buzzards over the surrounding fields . I only had my old camera , and I have had to lighten the shots from just silhouettes , which also lightened the sky .
Halfway along the Hogsback towards Guildford , another sighting along the road of a single Common Buzzard being harassed by a Carrion Crow , and this time in sunshine from behind the camera , but by the time I managed to pull over , the scrap was finished , and the Buzzard drifted off on the strong wind over the surrounding fields .
When I got home , Carol told me that heavy rain had been falling most of the day , and we had a couple of heavy showers after I arrived .
A good day to be hedgelaying 'out West' .


Warren Baker said...

I was out and about in Kent this afternoon Greenie, and Buzzards were seen regularly, great that they are back in force :-)

ShySongbird said...

It sounds like you were in the best place weather wise in your area Greenie. We had a dry day but colder than lately and today started nice but now it is raining and looks set in for the afternoon.

I too was watching a Buzzard last week.