Saturday, 30 July 2011

Saturday 30th. July 2011

With further information from Spock after yesterday's post re. the whereabouts of the aberrant Gatekeeper at Hutchinson's Bank , I dropped Carol in town , and returned to the site , concentrating this time on the bridle path at the bottom of the site . I was on site at 08.30 and patrolled the path for three hours . During this time , I added another three species to yesterday's list , including the other target from yesterday , the Small Blue , a single second brood specimen .This pristine individual was found along the path , just below the triangle . I would like to post that I had the same result with the unusual Gatekeeper , but unfortunately there was no sign of it again . Anyone wishing to see the butterfly , click on this link : , well worth a look . As things warmed up , most of yesterday's species put in an appearance , and the early light showed the Peacock nicely . There was a lot of noise from Jays whilst on the site , and fittingly , I found one of their feathers . A dog Fox was sighted at distance , but unfortunately he saw me too , and he headed off on a side path before I could get a shot . I forgot to mention yesterday when posting , and still can't edit a published post , that whilst on site , I had a Reed Warbler in full song , with no water or reeds for quite some distance as far as I know .
On the way back home , I stopped off at a colourful roadside verge that I have passed several times recently , to get a closer look at what was growing on it . Cornflower/Centaurea cyanus , a member of the Daisy family was the most abundant species , with a sprinkling of Corn Cockle/Agrostemma githago , a member of the Pink family . Although listed as a common weed of cultivation , Sun Spurge/Euphorbia helioscopia , is a new one for me . Lower down on the ground , Scarlet Pimpernel/Anagallis arvensis , a member of the Primrose family , was scrambling through the grasses . Even though traffic was speeding through just a couple of metres away , this female Large White obviously wasn't bothered as she rested amongst all the noise .
Must make a mental note to re-visit that verge and collect some seeds in the near future .


Ken. said...

Hi Greenie.
Sorry to hear that you missed out on the rare Gatekeeper. It's a nice looking orange and white Butterfly.
Also well done with the Small Blue.

Rob said...

It's amazing what you can find thriving in the road verge - good to see wildlife carrying on business as usual despite the pressures heaped upon it.

Warren Baker said...

Keep looking for that Butterfly Greenie, you never know ;-). Make sure you scatter those wildflower seeds far and wide!

Alan Pavey said...

Nice Small Blue pics Greenie, I really have got to make an effort to catch up with some of our special butterflies in Kent.

Spock said...

I have updated my blog with a review of 2011, the rare gatekeeper form was not the only surprise in the Kent/Surrey Borders this year. Greenie might want my email for this year :)