Thursday, 28 July 2011

Thursday 28th. July 2011

I wasn't sure about the weather this morning , and hedged my bets with a return visit to High Elms , one that I could enjoy , without any pressure . But under time pressure this evening , so it's the photo and comment post this time .In the Canadian Golden Rod glade , found four White-letter Hairstreaks , some still in good condition , as above ,and some not so , but still showing their 'White-letter' .Several Silver-washed Fritillaries , including this male that nectared next to one of the WLHs .Have seen Brown Hawker on every visit to the glade , but today a pair in 'the ring' , in flight , landed in trees at the back . Hopefully I made my way towards them , and managed a couple of shots before they were off again , this time for good .On Burnt Gorse , caught up with the 2nd. brood Dingy Skipper from Sunday , or another one , and managed to get a few shots .Very close by , another chance to photograph Oncocera semirubella .Even though their numbers are fewer this year , the female Silver-washed Fritillaries are doing their best for good numbers next year .Even though the Hemp Agrimony is in flower , I still haven't recorded a WLH on the Orchid Bank or the small glade , but this Peacock was making full use of the nectar on offer .Whilst looking on the Hemp Agrimony , I found this 6 spot Burnet moth on the underside of one of the leaves . I left her , but returned 10 minutes later to find what I had expected ,a mass of yellow eggs , which hopefully will see them again next year .
After lunch , I had a quick visit to the Farm lake , but I will write that up tomorrow .


Spock said...

We havnt had any 2nd Brood Dingy Skippers yet at Hutchinsons Bank, but 2nd Brood Small Blues are out and our Rare Gatekeeper has been seen again today.

See my blog for details

Phil said...

Well done with the Brown Hawkers Greenie.
Like yourself I was pushed for time yesterday. Don't know how I ever managed to go to work!
Hope it's a better year for Burnets next year.

Warren Baker said...

Ive never seen a Dingy Skipper Greenie :-( I'm still checking my Hemp Agrimony daily :-)