Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday 7th. August 2011

Got out for about a couple of hours this morning , and decided to return to Hutchinson's Bank , hoping that the visit might produce a Clouded Yellow . It didn't , nor did it turn up the aberrant Gatekeeper or another 2nd. brood Small Blue sighting , which was disappointing . The wind , which was back with a vengeance today didn't help matters , and when billowing clouds blotted out the sun , things turned a tad chilly , which didn't help either . Surprisingly , the most numerous species seen was the Small Heath , closely followed by the Gatekeeper , with several females like the one pictured found . In the area that I was hoping to find Small Blues , this male Brown Argus shimmered in the morning sun , the leading edges of his forewings looking unreal .A few Common Blues , mostly males like the one above , no longer resplendent in colour , as weather and territorial disputes have removed many of the scales from the wings .Just a single Red Admiral , probably a female from the size of the specimen ,
and a single , very fresh looking Peacock .Another fresh specimen was this female Large Skipper , but I didn't find a prospective mate .Another female was this Meadow Brown , she was oviposting amongst the grass , but made sure that I never managed to get a shot of her in the act . Speckled Wood , Large White , Small Skipper and Small Copper were also seen , but didn't make it to the camera . A total of 12 species seen on the visit , which , given the conditions was reasonable .
Lots of grasshoppers around still , but loosing their colour now , like this Field Grasshopper .Two of the largest hoverflies were also found , Volucella inanis , nectaring on Marjoram ,
and Volucella zonaria , warming up on a gate .A smaller relation , Scaeva pyrastri , was also found .
Got back home just in time , whilst having lunch we had a torrential downpour , glad I wasn't still out on the Bank .


Warren Baker said...

Some excellent photo's today Greenie, must have been hard work getting them in todays wind.

Rob said...

Greenie, That male Brown Argus is a stunner - I think I've only clocked the female so far.
A brisk breeze and fleeting cloud here too, everything swaying about and plunged into shade at the wrong moment!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Greenie, as Rob says I've not seen a Brown Argus as smart as that before. The wind has been a little irritating, making it harder to find things.

Kingsdowner said...

Like the shimmering Argus.... that would be a good name for a new species, come to think of it.

I had one Clouded Yellow on the weekend, but "bright elusive butterfly" was soon on its way.

IOW Birder said...

Hi Greenie,
Ive just found your blog via robs, an excellent blog with lovely pics too. I will definately look back again. Feel free to check mine out at: