Thursday, 11 August 2011

Thursday 11th. August 2011

A catch up on the last three days will not take long , but a few bits of interest were found . On Tuesday , up on the Greensand Ridge , whilst strimming a footpath , I found what I think is Common Hemp Nettle/Galeopsis angustifolia , but would be pleased to hear if that is a wrong ID . At the end of the footpath , in a damp shady area , Touch-Me-Not Balsam/Impatiens noli-tangere was also found . Well named , as like other Balsams , any thing or person brushing against a seed pod , would cause it to explode , throwing the contents some distance , and ensuring the spread of the species .
Yesterday was a chainsaw re-fresher course , and obviously little wildlife stayed around the area . But a few very tatty Silver-washed Fritillaries visited the Hemp Agrimony growing in the glade that was bathed in sunshine for most of the day . Not the greatest of conditions for being kitted up in protective equipment , but at least it's done for another three years .
Today after a dull, windy and cool morning , the afternoon didn't get much better , but I had to get out for an hour , so set off for the Farm lake . Nothing new on the water , but the owner told me that up to three Cormorants have been seen . That could sort out the Rudd problem . There was nothing to be found in the exposed areas , but , where there was some protection from the wind , I thought I had found the male of the 'odd Wasp' found on the last visit , but it turned out to be Ichneumon suspiciosus . Apart from one Large White , the only species seen was Gatekeeper , with several females found sheltering . I did find a small aberrant male , but nothing like the specimen I failed to find at Hutchinson's Bank recently . Lots of hoverflies were seen , mainly Marmalade/Episyrphus balteatus , but I did spot one individual which I don't think I have comes across before , Sphaerophoria scripta . Apologies for the shot , but the vegetation was mobile at the time . The last one , I'm not sure about , but am hoping that it is Eristalis horticola , but as always , I stand to be corrected .


Phil said...

A nice trio of Hoverflies Greenie. I find them interesting and a welcome diversion when things are quiet, but always so difficult to get a good shot of in our windy climate.

Rob said...

That last hoverfly shot is striking, also with another waiting to land.

Some interesting ichneumons on the umbellifers at the moment.

Mel Lloyd said...

Hi Greenie. Looks like common hemp-nettle (Galeopsis tetrahit) to me. Pink flowers, lower lip not bifid and striations in middle of lower lip not at the tip. Am not an expert mind.....Have had similar problems with very mobile vegetation in this wind. Mel

Kingsdowner said...

What Mel said about the hemp-nettle. The only patch I know of has been scythed by the Highways people this year, good grief.
Agree with your comments on butterfly numbers.... I've picked a poor time to tour SEEngland looking!

Alan Pavey said...

Hi Greenie, apart from the HB, it has been hard going here the past couple of days. I really like the Hoverfly pics, as Rob says the last one is a beauty.

Greg said...

Nice photos. Unfortunately there are far too many species of Ichneumonids to ID them from photos (this may not even be Ichneumon species). The last hoverfly is probably Syrphus ribesii. Sorry!