Monday, 28 November 2011

Monday 29th. November 2011

The first hard frost of the winter last night , led to a very chilly morning , and the afternoon wasn't much warmer . I decided to have a look at Sevenoaks Reserve , and set off hoping that the colder weather might have brought in some winter visitors . Well wrapped up , I made a short stop at Carter Hide , but just two Tufted Ducks were all that was found .On my way to Willow Hide , a Kingfisher flew past me , heading for Carter Hide , was it going to be that sort of day ? Before reaching Willow Hide , another , or the same Kingfisher flew past me again , this time heading in the direction I was
going , but there was no sign of one once I got to the hide . There was though a Grey Heron , looking even colder than I felt , if that was possible . The usual waterfowl were present , with the exception of geese , not a single Canada , Greylag or Egyptian Goose was to be seen , probably out feeding in the fields , and possibly with the 3 White-fronted relations that someone had recorded in the book recently . Heading down the side of the East Lake , a few Pochard and Tufted Ducks , along with 2 Little and several Great Crested Grebes . Long Lake only held a few Mallard and Tufted Ducks , and in the corner , the classic 'ugly duckling' , a juvenile Mute Swan , trying not to be seen , well , not until it gets it's white plumage . At the outlet from East Lake , I disturbed another Grey Heron and a Little Egret . The fields on the left at the end of the track held not a single goose , but whilst there , I
did get a fly-over from 10 Lapwing , heading for the islands on East Lake . In the corner of which , I heard the raucous call of Rose-ringed Parakeets and soon found a pair , seemingly looking for a new
home . The male was looking very smug having found this 'des-res' , but it was obvious that the
female was still giving the new pad the once over , before making up her mind . She spent ages sizing it up , then several tentative looks into the hole , before working up enough courage to look
around inside . She eventually did , and seemed to like what she had seen . I can't be certain , but as
she exited the hole , the male just might have mentioned something about her weight , as she flew straight at him , noisily squalking , and the pair flew off , seemingly arguing . Heading to the other side of the East Lake , very little was seen , with the exception of several Wrens , busily searching for
food and managing to get behind a branch just as the picure was being taken . The Public Hide was closed because the screen on the approach has blown down and was lying on the path , but I don't think much was missed from there . From Tower Hide , at last 4 Common Snipe were seen  , two
were having a doze originally , but when joined by a third , the first two decided to join in feeding
with the third . Both a Grey Heron and a Little Egret flew in and promptly disappeared into the reedbed . Some time later , first the Little Egret came out into the open , closely followed by the Grey Heron . All I need now , I thought to myself , is for the two of them to be followed by a Bittern , but , alas , it didn't happen . Just the usual Robin at Slingsby Hide and again no sign of a Water Rail . On the way back to the car , I found a relation of the Rubber Buttons fungi posted yesterday . This was
Neobulgaria pura , no common name for this one . Almost at the car park , I found this Grey
Squirrel ,avidly eating the seeds of this small Field Maple , as if it was the last food available .
And finally , the weekend may be over , but this pair of Shoveler certainly seen to be still in the
weekend spirit .


Rob said...

The Grey Heron does look like it could do with a cup of tea to warm up, Greenie.

Phil said...

Nice account Greenie. I like your Parakeets, I hardly ever see these exotic chaps. Looks like they'll be Sevenoaks residents soon then.
That purple fungus looks like someone left their brains on the log!

Ken. said...

Hi Greenie.
Ditto Phil's comment. I too don't see Ring Necked Parakeet very often, i will have to go to the coast to see good numbers of them. Good photo's to go with the blog.
As for the Kingfisher/s I think they are playing games with you, but I am sure you will catch them out soon :-)

Warren Baker said...

I like that double Snipe photo Greenie :-) could have done with one this month....or the tuftie.....or parakeet....or..... ;-)