Sunday, 27 November 2011

Sunday 27th. November 2011

Hedgelaying has been top of the pile recently , and so it will remain next week too , but today I did manage a look around the Common , and a check on the female Long-tailed Duck on the Trout Fishery at Hayes Farm .The Common produced a few fungi , which included ,
Black Bulgar or Rubber Buttons / Bulgaria inquinans ,
Gymnopilus penetrans , on a dead conifer that was also hosting Ivy ,
a cluster of the bracket Root Fomes / Heterobasidion annosum ,
but , by far the most common species found , was Butter Cap /Collybia butyracea .
The Trout Fishery was quieter than previous visits , but the female Long-tailed Duck is still in residence , and looking very happy in he environment , constantly diving to feed . The better weather
conditions, albeit windy , improved photographic opportunities , and a couple of new shots are
posted . Also caught in the better light , one of the male Wigeon .
Found whilst making my way to the Trout Fishery , a new fungi species for me , Calvatia
excipuliformis , a species similar to the Lycoperdon family , but much larger , as the 35mm. film canister shows .
Apart from the hedge itself , the only interest yesterday came when a Red Kite flew directly overhead . With a chainsaw running and with ear defenders on , I knew nothing about it , till it was well out of sight .


Anonymous said...

Smart set of images there, Greenie.

Mike H said...

Nice shots of the Female long tailed duck Greenie. Have you considered sending these in to they don't seem to have many decent ones . Mike

Greenie said...

Mike ,
Thanks for the idea .
I see that a shot of the actual duck is now on Birdguides , and lots more elsewhere on the web .

Phil said...

Nice to see the LT duck still in residence Greenie. Also good to see the film canister is also alive and well, quite a rarity itself nowadays!