Monday, 19 December 2011

Monday 19th. December 2011

This morning , it was grey and cold .This afternoon it was grey , cold and wet .Not a nice day to be out at all  . Apart from taking Carol shopping , I spent most of the day processing the photos taken over the last week . The calls of Parakeets from the Cotoneaster bush
 next door was one of the few movements in the gardens in what was really bad light conditions , but I think that the berries aren't ripe enough yet , as after a couple of samples , they flew off again . When the berries are ripe , they just sit and gorge themselves .
The main reason for this post , is for what Carol found when she went out to put down some bird food this morning . Along with the food , she checks the drinking water , which this morning was frozen solid . One of the dishes , a plastic flower pot dish , which the Blue Tits are particularly fond of using for drinking and bathing , contained what can only be described as a wonder of nature . The dish was standing on the barbecue , but here it is on the patio table , with a piece of hardboard
behind . 'Growing' out of the dish is what I can only describe as 'an upside-down icicle' , at an angle
of about 60 degrees from the horizontal . There was no water source near the dish , the remainder of the water was almost frozen solid , and there was no other object in the dish . The length of the 'icicle' and the diameter of the dish was about 7.5cms.
Naturally , the 'icicle' melted slowly through the day , and I have been wondering just how this could have happened . If any reader could explain , I would be very grateful .
This is not a put up job , and it isn't the 1st. April either .


Phil said...

That's a bit spooky Greenie. Looks a bit like a winter sun dial. Hopefully somebody can give you a more credible explanation.

Warren Baker said...

Ive seen these 'icicles' on a TV progamme before Greenie. A whole group of so called experts couldn't decide what caused it, a strange phenomenon indeed !!

John Bullwin said...

Just found the picture of the upside down icicle. I had exactly the same thing happen to me on the same day. Mine formed in a 10cm dish which was standing on a table outside our bungalow in Ashford Kent. Never seen anything like it before. Seems it is to do with the rate at which the water freezes creating pressure below the surface which forces the water up like a volcano untill it finally frezzes completely at the tip.