Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Wednesday 28th. December 2011

Still without the car , it's been down to 'Shanks' pony' for the last three days . On Tuesday I headed through the local wood , or more correctly dog's toilet , as there was no way you could look upwards for fear of what you might tread in . From there headed towards the Farm lake and headed back home along the bottom lane . The wood was just about devoid of birds , and apart from Corvids on the rest of the walk , the only interest was five Yellowhammers that flew up from a hedge line into top of the
nearby large Oak , ensuring that any chance of a shot was minimal . One almost showed itself , but almost immediately all five flew off .
Yesterday I walked up onto the Common in slightly less grey conditions than the day before , but the most noticeable thing was the number of birds in full song . Blackbird , Song and Mistle Thrush ,
Robin , Blue and Great Tits and this Dunnock , all trying to convince everyone else that it was Spring already . I also found a reasonable number of Redwings , found not so much by sight as by the constant debris falling through the Holly trees on which they were feeding and landing on the dry material below . By the time I got near the trees though , they were off , getting the merest glimpse of red and a bold eyestripe . There were also a few Fieldfares around , but the Redwings well and truly outnumbered them , the first time I have seen that this Winter .
Today I returned to the Common in what looked slightly less grey conditions than yesterday , but by the time I got to the top of the Common , the darker clouds were rolling in , this time threatening rain . Once again I failed to get any shots of the Redwings in the Holly , but just about managed to
get a couple of shots when they perched at the top of the highest trees , where they once again
refused to allow my close presence  flying off well before I would have liked . Mind you , it might also have had something to do with the local Sparrowhawk , which was loitering on the ever
increasing wind above them , and suddenly stooping down amongst the tree tops , hoping no doubt for a plump meal . Other movement in the trees , came from the Grey Squirrels in twos , threes and
fours , spiralling up and down the trunks . Well , it is the start of their breeding season .
Still a few days till the car hopefully is repaired , and three hedgelaying days next week too . Hopefully then , things will return to normal .


Warren Baker said...

Sounds like a trip round my patch Greenie :-) minus the winter thrushes!!

Phil said...

Certainly does still seem a bit Spring like Greenie. I've got a pair of Blue Tits who look as if they might start nest building at any time.
Didn't realise you could ride ponies.....

Rob said...

Good luck with the car, Greenie. It's hard to do without one these days.

Ken. said...

Hi Greenie.
Consider that you was on foot, you managed to see some good birds, I cannot remember the last time I saw 5 Yellowhammers.
Nice shot of the Sarrowhawk.
Hope you get back on 4 wheels soon, even if it is attached to your donkey.

Alan Pavey said...

Sounds like a good walk round Greenie, always nice to see Yellowhammers and Redwing, especially the latter this winter.