Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sunday 25th . March 2012

Didn't manage to get out today , so just a quick catch up on yesterday , when I visited a small nature reserve , where the volunteers wanted some help with hedgelaying . Well , that turned out to be a miss-noma , as the 'hedge' turned out to be a scattered line of mature Hawthorns , but I have agreed to get some form of hedge out of it next weekend . Silk purse and sow's ear comes to mind .It was an interesting visit though , and I am sure I will visit during the Summer , as the site has much potential , including a good population of great Crested Newts .Whilst I was there , small mammal trapping / recording was taking place , and although only two species were trapped , it was good to see the species close to . The split was about even between the
longer tailed , and rather more active Bank Vole / Clethrionomys glareolus , and the photogenic
Short -tailed Vole /Microtus agrestis , which was much more laid back , and was happy to be
photographed on one of the volunteer's boots , and also in the hand of the recorder , where it seemed completely relaxed . Not so relaxed was the volunteer leader , who came across an injured
Jackdaw , with what looked like a broken wing . It sat quietly held by the leader , venting it's spleen
every now and again on his finger . A cloth bag was found and the bird popped in , and taken by two of the volunteers to a Wildlife Hospital . Sadly , after examination , the break was too bad to be dealt with , and the bird was put down . Lots of Primroses all over the reserve were attracting large
numbers of insects , including the Beefly / Bombylius major , who was making use of that long proboscis to reach down into the throat of the flowers to get at the nectar . Two Brimstones , a single
Peacock and this pair of Commas were also recorded during the visit . And finally , a bit of help
please with a Bee , possibly solitary or miner species , maybe Andrena haemorrhoa , the yellow on the back legs being a good stock of pollen , an a rather unusually marked Spider , both
found on the Reserve . A bit more digging on the spider leads me to think it is a Nursery Web Spider - Pisaura mirabilis , but always ready to be corrected .


Anonymous said...

It was nice to meet u at last greenie. Chris gibbard

ShySongbird said...

Lovely to see such good views of the voles, Greenie. Such a shame about the Jackdaw but at least everything possible was done to help it.

That's a lovely photo of the Primrose with Bee Fly.

No luck with IDs I'm afraid, I did try!

Warren Baker said...

Not had much luck with Butteflies just yet Greenie, need some decent habitat really I suppose.

Like the Vole shots :-)

Greenie said...

Chris ,
Small world isn't it .
See you at the weekend .

Anonymous said...

yes it is but to meet the man behind such a good blog is always good as you seem to cover a wealth of natural wonders on our doorstep. Chris