Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tuesday 27th. March 2012

Just a quick look around Spring Park Pond , which was very low and nothing of interest found in the water this afternoon , produced the following :
My first Orange Tip of the year . This is not the one seen today , as it passed me at speed , I tried to chase it down , and , well , he was younger than me , and much fitter .
Large swathes of Wood Anemone in the woods behind the pond .
The Blackthorn blossom was swarming with small mining bees , soon the paths will be covered with small piles of soil , outside the entrance to their nests .
Along with one of our native ladybirds, the Seven Spot , with half of the seventh spot on each wing casing .
And another variation of the Asian Harlequin ladybird .
The first female Small White I've recorded this year .
By the car park , a Comma resting on dead leaves and blending in very well .
And finally , another first for the year , help from 'the man' with a moth that flew across the path in freont of me and settled nicely on a tree . Heart and Dart went through my mind at the time , but I don't think it is now .


Rohrerbot said...

Love your macros on the insects. Beautiful finds:)

Phil said...

How nice is it to have some other stuff to look at and photograph Greenie.
I like the Orange Tip, haven't seen one this year so far.

Marc Heath said...

Lovely Orangetip shot, a species I hope to capture soon this year

ShySongbird said...

A nice sunny visit Greenie. Lovely photos, I have yet to see my first Comma and Orange Tip of the year. The Comma certainly does have good camouflage.