Friday, 25 May 2012

Friday 25th. May 2012

Didn't get out till early afternoon , when it was hot and a strong wind was getting up . I decided to try Hutchinson's Bank again , just over the border in Surrey , hoping for more butterflies than on my last visit . Short of time tonight , so it's the picture and comment format .

Here's hoping the last few days good weather will save the breeding of the early flying species like Grizzled - above and Dingy Skipper , which are starting to look a bit worn now . Other species seen included Small Heath , Brimstone , Small Copper and Common Blue ,
male Large White nectaring on Herb Robert ,
several Peacocks , this one posing on an old fire site ,

before finding a single specimen of our smallest and one of the rarest butterflies , the Small Blue . Given the wind and the size of the butterfly , getting any sort of photograph proved difficult , hopefully better efforts will follow ,
and both female egg laying and males fighting whilst being blown along , Orange Tips .
Also found , the day flying moth Pyrausta aurata ,
and what I believe to be the German Wasp / Vespula germanica , but as usual , stand to be corrected .
On my way home , I stopped at Spring Park Pond , finding only damselflies on the wing , including
Blue-tailed Damselfly - pictured , Common Blue and Azure Damselfly ,
and Large Red Damselfly , who were already getting on with the job of next years generation . The male on the left , in the 'prayer position' , having grasped the female , mated with her , and now guarding her a she lays her eggs , carrying his genes .
Still lots of large tadpoles , yet to grow legs , in the pond ,
and good numbers of Smooth/Common Newts , this a female .
Butterflies recorded on the visit , Orange Tip Large White , Small Copper , Green Hairstreak and Brimstone .


Warren Baker said...

Not as hot as yesterday with that cooling breeze Greenie :-) Nice mix of wildlife you've posted today

Marc Heath said...

Nice account. A bit of everything seen today by the looks of it.

ShySongbird said...

An interesting and well illustrated post again Greenie. Interesting about the 'prayer position', I didn't know about that.