Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Wednesday 9th. May 2012

Just managed an hour out today , after the drizzly bit , but before the rainy bit , on a not very pleasant day at all . I spent the hour at South Norwood Country Park , an area that is looking very much like the Somme . I was hoping to find a Reed or Sedge Warbler in the reedbeds around the lake , but found neither . Plenty of Common Whitethroats around , this one using a dead Elm for his singing
and displaying post . Wrens singing all over the site , but the only one I managed to get into the
viewfinder , half concealed by twigs , which , come to think of it , is an ongoing theme in this post .
Even the Robin managed to keep part of himself covered . The Blackcap had just finished a long
dispute with another of the Common Whitethroats , and looked as if he was trying to get his breath back . In keeping with the theme , this juvenile Magpie , sitting just to the side of the dome of it's
nest , was well in the running for the 'most concealed' prize , until it caught sight of one of it's

 parents arriving with food , and it blew it's chance of winning . Best find of the short visit though , was this Wren's nest . Although unusually in a quite open position in this Bramble bush , right
alongside one of the main paths , I probably wouldn't have seen it had one of the birds flown across the path in front of me and popped in . The shot was taken from the back of the Bramble bush , away from the path . At least this was meant to be concealed by twigs .


ShySongbird said...

You always manage to find something of interest Greenie. I like the Whitethroat photo and don't think I've ever seen a young Magpie!

Marc Heath said...

nice post Greenie, clean your binoculars and camera............ its going to be sunny tomorrow. Make the most of it.