Saturday, 7 July 2012

Saturday 7th. July 2012

Like yesterday , I just managed to grab a short while locally , in between drizzle and showers . Not much found really , but combining both days into pictures and comments :
A shot through double glazing of one of two young Fox cubs that were playing down the bottom of the garden yesterday morning , until Carol opened the gate , and they were gone .

Once again , no sign of Purple Hairstreak late yesterday afternoon , apart from the few butterflies , a female Broad-bodied Chaser was the only other interest .
Before the rain set in this morning , a pair of Soldier Beetles / Rhagonycha fulva were making the most of the sunshine .
It might not be to everyone's liking , but all this rain has been great for the Common Cow-wheat / Melampyrum pratense , a member of the Figwort family , it's all over the Common .
Posing on Bramble flower , the hoverfly Helophilus pendulus .
Close by , a juvenile Speckled Bush-cricket , showing well on a Hawkweed head .
The first Common Toadflax / Linaria vulgaris , another of the Figwort family , in flower on the Common .
And in the car park it's relation , Purple Toadflax / L.purpurea .
This afternoon between showers , I had a frustrating time trying to get a decent shot of this female Rhyssa persuasoria , one of the Ichneunon family , but she didn't like the windy conditions .
I believe this to be the male , who landed too close to a spider . I didn't see who won .
Also around , lots of these solitary Bees . I'm not sure if they excavated the holes , or whether they were visiting the holes as 'cuckoos' .
This Ruby-tailed Wasp , another 'cuckoo' , was hanging around as well .
And finally , a single flower from a well known plant , found in open woods , scrub and heath . The flowers grow on a stalked spike . But what is it ?


Rohrerbot said...

Wow!!! Wonderful shots!

Phil said...

All sorts of goodies there Greenie, nice Fox pic too. Have always hoped for a cub in our garden but it's never happened.
Is your flower a Foxglove?

Greenie said...

Phil ,
I see your reasoning , starting and finishing with 'fox' , but I'm afraid it isn't .

ShySongbird said...

Some lovely, colourful photos there Greenie. What a treat to have the Fox cubs in your garden! The Ruby-tailed Wasp is quite a handsome little creature.

Well, I've spent a pleasant time agonising over your flower and am pretty well stumped! The only thing I could think of was White Dead Nettle or, purely by ferreting on the Internet, I wondered about Wood Sage?