Sunday, 8 July 2012

Sunday 8th. July 2012

Spent the morning processing pictures , as the rain was torrential at times , and with a certain race and match this afternoon , might not get out at all today . As it happens , we had even heavier showers this afternoon , so just a few shots that never made it to recent posts , before they get filed away .
The incredible length of this Small Skipper's proboscis , the hollow tube through which butterflies feed , reaching deep into the flower for the nectar . When not in use , it is curled up .
A juvenile Grey Squirrel , as it foraged for food in a glade at High Elms .
What I believe to be Ichneumon suspiciosus , but stand to be corrected .
An interesting spider , found whilst at Dene Park . Many thanks to Greg , a female Wolf Spider of the Pardosa species . Initially I thought it might be the mate of the female Nursery-web Spider , photographed with her eggs , but digging , it doesn't seem so , so will need more digging .
Won't be long before the Broad-leaved Helleborines , like this one at High Elms , will be in flower .

Just a few Common Lizards were found along the boardwalk at Thursley Common , usually there are lots , but they need the sun out to bask . The top specimen has flattened it's body , so there is more surface area , and will warm up quicker .
A Small Scabious / Scabiosa columbaria , fully open on the visit to Lullingstone Country Park for the Dark Green Fritillaries . All specimens of it's relation , Field Scabious , were still in tight bud .
It was good to see at least 5 Commas on the visit to Dene Park , even though disappointed with not finding other target species .
And finally , the main reason for  this post was so that Phil / Sharp by Nature would be able to sleep tonight , by me naming the single flower posted on last night's post . In the end I didn't have to , as it
was correctly identified  by ShySongbird / ShySongbird's Nature News , as Wood Sage . I have got to admit , that if someone else had posted the picture , I don't think I would have got it . Very well done ShySongbird , and if there had been a big money prize , it would be in the post .


Warren Baker said...

Its all getting a bit desperate out there now Greenie! Whats it coming to, sitting indoors on a summers Sunday afternoon :-)

Still, an interesting post you put together for us :-)

ShySongbird said...

Oh, my goodness!!! I'm grinning from ear to ear :-) I really didn't think I'd got it. The big money prize would have been great but I'll take the glory instead :-)

Lovely photos of the Small Skipper and young Squirrel and also those gorgeous Common Lizards. Unfortunately, I never see them anywhere! You do put some interesting snippets such as the detail about the first one flattening it's body to warm up faster.

Anonymous said...

Your spider is a wolf spider, Pardosa species, a female with an eggsac.

There are thousands of Ichneumonid species; vast majority can't be identified from a photo.


Ken. said...

Nice selection of wildlife photo's. The Small Skipper's proboscis is quite something.
As for the other insect I have had a look through my books, and I reckon your right on, i'm no expert but I also think it is a Ichneumon suspiciosus.