Thursday, 14 February 2013

Thursday 14th. February 2013

Didn't think I would be posting today , but , just before I set off for the work day up on the Common , I spotted a report of a small flock of Waxwings , on a main road , just about a mile from home . It was too late to see if they were still there before going out , so had to leave things till I finished up on the Common . Then , it was a quick change and off again , with camera and binoculars . No sign of any birds as I arrived , so pulled up a side street and parked up . Walking back to the busy main road ,
and right next to a bus stop , the flock of 20ish Waxwings , some of them pictured , flew in and settled in a Silver Birch in the adjacent front garden . After a session of trilling , they performed the usual 'smash and grab' raids on the Cotoneaser berries and Rose hips in the gardens below . The weather was very variable whilst I was watching them , dull overcast one minute , then a sunny gap and included a rain shower or two . But a most enjoyable time was spent with the camera working overtime . Below are a few of the many shots taken .


Warren Baker said...

Nice one Greenie :-)
Been alerted to a waxwing flock seen in Tonbridge, might have to go off patch !

ShySongbird said...

Well done Greenie! How lovely to see a flock of them, I have to be content with my single bird. You managed some lovely photos too. You must have been very tempted to be late for work and hunt them down this morning!

Great shot of the juvenile Buzzard on the previous post which I was too slow to comment on. Sad to see 'Angel Wings', who I remember from a previous post, although it is obviously able to survive like that.

Linda said...

Hi Greenie,

Your photos are lovely!

Ken. said...

Well done with the Waxwings. It must have been a omen going out tonight.
Nice photo's like the ones with the berries.