Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Tuesday 18th. February 2013

A catch up on three days of Spring-like weather , once the sun got up and got rid of the overnight
frost .
On Sunday , I had a walk over the Common , in the hope of finding a Brimstone or Red Admiral , roused from it's hibernation by the warmth of the sun . But neither of those species were found , but
 two bumblebees were found , both I think Buff-tailed queens , one of them having collected a
group of hitchhikers during it's Winter slumber . Hopes for the coming Summer were raised with a
few Purple Hairstreak eggs being found on the buds of Oak , that will be the caterpillar's first meal . Back at home , the local Jackdaws were constant visitors to the feeders , and of an evening , large
numbers use the tall Limes trees in the road as a pre-roost .
After finishing a few chores this morning , I headed off to High Elms LNR , to see how Spring was progressing there . I had to search hard for one of the first flowers of the year , but finally found a few flower heads of Butterbur / Petasites hybridus , a member of the daisy family , emerging from the
ground . Apart from the leaves appearing after the flowers , the stamens and styles are found on separate plants . With lots of Hazels displaying lots of male catkins , it wasn't long before some of the female flowers were found , once pollinated , these will produce the Cobnuts . The pollen from the
male catkins can be seen on the left hand side of the twig . On my way back home , I find it very difficult not to stop at the horsefield where the juvenile Common Buzzard has taken up residence ,
and today was no different , especially with the light conditions , and as a bonus , the bird performed
very well too . But , eventually I had to tear myself away and head home , passing at least 25 Rooks in their chosen tree , and more on the ground in the surrounding area . As can be seen , some already
paired up , but no real sign of nest building yet .


alan woodcock said...

Hi,nice read as usual.

Alan Pavey said...

It's easy to lose yourself when watching birds, time just goes so quickly, some great pics too :-)

Phil said...

A picture of a Bee! It must be Spring. Hoo(bloody) ray!
Nice Buzzard pics Greeie.

ShySongbird said...

Hi Greenie, Those 'hitchhikers' looked unpleasant! Good to see all the positive signs of Spring though. I too wondered if I might see the odd butterfly yesterday but it wasn't to be. Very good news about the PH eggs.

The Buzzard was looking very stately on the post.

Warren Baker said...

Nice to have your own 'pet' Buzzard Greenie, a bit like Adams Hawfinch's :-)

John Phillips said...

Now I see what you were trying to show me.... the Purple Hairstreak egg

Great image

- John