Sunday, 1 March 2015

Sunday 1st. March 2015

A picture catch up on three recent outings .

At Kelsey Park in Beckenham , the Nuthatch was still guarding it's nest hole , whilst calling .
The pair of Egyptian Goose were noisily claiming squatter's rights over the old Grey Heron nest used by a Greylag pair last year .
Much to the annoyance of a pair of GH , nesting just a couple of metres above .
Still around with a Greylag mate , the Canada / Greylag hybrid .
The second visit was to a chilly Sevenoaks Reserve , where apart from the juvenile White Ibis , the other interest was a drake Goosander that managed to be on the opposite side of the East Lake to

where I was standing , until whilst in Sutton Hide and about to give up , it lifted off the water over by
the clay spit and gave a fly by , before landing down at the far end of the lake .
A single drake Shellduck seen from Tyler hide along with 5 Common Snipe .
Good numbers of Scarlet Elf Cup / Sarcoscypha coccinea , one of my favourite fungi , were found ,
 showing well against the moss covered wood that they were growing on .
Only other interest , the remains of a meal on the dining table of a raptor . I could only take a shot at distance , but would have been interested to get closer and look at the wing feathers , especially given the talons , which I didn't spot till I got home .
The third visit was to the small reserve with the feeders in the woods , where the Bank Voles put on a
good show as usual .
Also around , this cock Pheasant that was cleaning up under the feeders , within 3 metres .
My second and probably the same male Siskin that I saw on a previous visit , as only one has been
recorded this Winter .
Lots of Tits as usual , but only 1/2 Marsh Tits , but plenty of Coal Tit visits .
On the way home along the A25 , 2 Common Buzzards were soaring majestically overhead . I
managed to stop and get a few shots before they drifted off towards Sevenoaks .


Warren Baker said...

Siskin! Blimey, they have been scarce this year Greenie.

Chris Rohrer said...

You have amazing birds here in this post. Love the Scarlet Elf cups. They sounds as magical as they appear. You really do live in a fairytale place:)