Thursday, 12 March 2015

Thursday 12th. March 2015

Another picture catch up post .
Last Saturday , en route to the last hedgelaying day of the season , saw a juvenile Common Buzzard
swoop across the A25 near Dorking , and land in a tree in a garden centre car park , then drop down , probably to get some breakfast worms . I tried to get closer , but as soon as I moved , it flew off .
A walk across the Common on Sunday morning produced a very vocal Jay .
Stopping off at Bough Beech Reservoir en route to the small reserve with feeders in the woods , found a pair of courting Great Crested Grebe in the early morning sun , but things changed when
another bird charged across the water at the happy couple .
I was met at the entrance to the small reserve by a pair of Bullfinch , but only the male was willing to pose .
A pair of Marsh Tits were found feeding on Hazel .
I spent the best part of an hour watching a pair of Long-tailed Tits building their nest .
Although part of the dome was still needed , one bird , probably the female , was already dealing with the interior design .
Across the site , possibly 100 frogs were calling , amongst large amounts of spawn , whilst overhead , a Raven 'cronked' as it flew high over .
A visit to Kelsey Park in Beckenham found many Rose Ringed Parakeets nesting . The female had just entered this hole and the male was guarding . Just one Nuthatch was seen/heard , so hopefully the female is laying .
Far fewer Grey Heron pairs than usual were nesting , with about 6 occupied nests , but one nest in
particular had well advanced young , begging for food as normal .
Adder numbers up on the Greensand Ridge have increased to 13 , all males . At the moment they are
willing to lie together , but that will change when the females emerge . Two animals on the shot
above , and not so easy to see , three on the shot below . Two are together on the left , the third , harder to see , under vegetation on the right .
Today , whilst working up on the Common , one Small Tortoiseshell along with several male Brimstone . Haven't managed to get one of them in the viewfinder yet though .


Warren Baker said...

I would dearly love to get a few Brimstone images Greenie. Those Buzzards are tricky to sneak up on, but they seem to get bolder as the months progress, maybe they will get used to or lenses!

Chris Rohrer said...

You have some amazing captures which include those two grebes! Nice! I also like a certain bird that begins with "T"....abbreviations are LTTI. Last time I wrote that into my work computer, I got into trouble:) True story:) Thanks for sharing!

Phil said...

A very nice spring loaded post Greenie. Very nice pics, especally the displaying Grebes, although the aggressive one seems intent on 'Grebeous bodily harm' :-)

Ken. said...

A bit late catching up on your latest post.
It makes a good read along with some good pics, especially the L/T/Tits building their nest. They always seem to like nesting earlier than other birds.
That small site you mention sounds like a great spot.