Sunday, 31 August 2008

Sunday 31st.August 2008

Firstly , let me raise a glass to Warren , who stated last night that the weather wouldn't be as bad as they said it would be . Apart from thunder and light rain this morning , the Open Day at High Elms made it with just a couple of showers . I'll be asking him for advice next time we plan a barbi .
As promised , or threatened , whichever way you look at it , I am posting a series of photos of my Hedgelaying Demonstration . With no suitable hedge in the area , one had to be manufactured . The Rangers cut the necessary Silver Birch tops , and my first task was to construct a hedge that needed laying .This duly done , the visitors started coming in .
My pitch and materials .
A hedge in need of laying .
Half way through .

The finished article , only to be taken down again before going home .

One of the stalls , LB.Bromley , was manned by a friend , who brought along some Privet Hawk Moth caterpillars , to show to the visitors .They were about 6/7cm. long and about 1.5cm. across .

Before I went this morning , I was looking out the back bedroom window at the weather , when a photo opportunity that I couldn't pass on came about .


Warren Baker said...

Hi Greenie,
What an excellent post. Looks like a day well spent. I bet you sleep well tonight! That double decker squirrel is a great oppotunistic shot, I think it should be used to advertise something, don't know what though!

Steve said...

Yes...well done Warren! That Hedge laying looks like hard work Fred..

Kingsdowner said...

Now I could do with a new hedge - would it grow on chalk ?:-}

Mary said...

Hello...I see you name on Kingsdowner's blog all the time and decided to have a look. I have to comment on that really great squirrel picture! What a wonderful photo to capture. So funny!