Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Tuesday 26th.August 2008

Another day volunteering up on the Greensand Ridge . Today's jobs included , crown lifting ( removing the lower branches ) the trees along a lane , repairing a stockproof fence and newly planted hedge ( required because farmer's cattle ran amock and smashed both ) and ripping out an old fence and preparing ground to erect new fence and double gates tomorrow . Obviously not wildlife orientated , but on the lane , I found three fungi .
Just pushing through , Blackish-purple Russula-Russula atropurpurea .
In longer grass the small Mycena galopus .

And literally dozens of Inocybe fastigiata , in all stages of growth .

When we arrived at the last job , on the edge of a Barley field , recently harvested , we disturbed a pair of Roe deer , but they were across the other side of the field before I could get the camera out . On a pair of old Oak trees , I found two examples of the same fungi , at different stages of growth . They are Sulphur Polypore-Laetiporus sulphureus ( aka. Chicken of the Woods ) .

This is a young specimen which hasn't coloured up yet .

And this a mature specimen , which was about 50/60 cm. across .

Once again , when we arrived the Barley field was full of Wood Pigeons , feeding on the spilt grain , and supported by many Collared Doves , but apart from Tits and the occasional Nuthatch , things were quiet . We are back on the field again tomorrow , so I will look out for the deer as we arrive .


The Bald Birder said...

Many thanks for the fungi ID help - much appreciated. Think it's a bit to soon in my fungi ID/photo career to start eating the things! Saw some fun orange specimens (on my blog that evade my ID). Which fungi book do you suggest?

Greenie said...

Firstly , life long fungi experts have died thinking a specimin was one safe one , when it was in fact a poisonous one .
I have 2 books which I find good .
Mushrooms sand other fungi of GB and Europe-Roger Phillips . Soft back ISBN 0-330-26441-9 .
Encyclopedia of Fungi of Britain and Europe .Soft back ISBN 0-7112-
2379-3 .
Each cost me about £16/17 .

Greenie said...

Second book by Michael Jordan .