Thursday, 14 August 2008

Thursday 14th.August 2008

Another volunteering day , working alongside the 'black stuff'' , produced no photos again . Before leaving , I did spend half an hour on the heather patch opposite the yard . The rain had temporarily stopped , and the sun was out . There are 5 pairs of tins/felts on the site . I did find 4 juvenile/ Grass Snakes , 1 Slow Worm and 2 Common Lizards ( one pictured above ). Also found was 1 Brown Hawker , 2 Common Darter and large nunbers of Bees and Hoverflies , all feeding on the Heather . By far the largest number of Bees were what I would call Honey Bees . The odd Meadow Brown and Gatekeeper , and one solitary Common Blue , which I have never recorded there before , made up the interest . I have decided not to post the Grass Snakes , but instead , a few more shots from Bempton Cliffs .

Pied Wagtail in Visitor's Centre car park .

Tree Sparrow on the cliff top .

Guillemot .

Nesting Gannets .
Gannet in flight .
Gannets collecting nesting material from cliff top .
Male Reed Bunting .


Warren Baker said...

good shot of the Lizard Greenie, they usually scamper away at 100mph! Unless of course its a stuf..., no!
Just kidding!

Steve said...

Nice shots from Bempton. I went there about 15 years ago. Great spot....we were a bit late for the Puffin that year I remember.