Saturday, 29 November 2008

Saturday 29th.November 2008

A very foggy , but dry , journey down to the Hogsback , just beyond Guildford , for another hedgelaying session with the Surrey Hedgelaying Group .
On arrival at the site , it was very gloomy and chilly , so getting going on the hedge to keep warm was the first essential .
The first arrival told me that a bird with a very large wingspan was on the ground halfway up the field when he got there , but hadn't seen it since .
Whilst laying , I noticed three Roe Deer in an adjacent field that was occupied by a few ponies/small horses .
When we stopped for a break , I took the camera and set off up the stubble field we were working in , to get a better view of the deer , and to look for the bird with a very large wingspan . As I walked up the field , a flock of about 25 Meadow Pipits rose out of the stubble and circled me , before settling down again a bit further away .
As soon as I had closed the distance by half to the deer , the male snorted a warning to the two females with him and all three took off to the furthest corner of the field . That was the last I saw of the male and one of the females , but the other female reappeared over a rise and gave an opportunity of a few shots .

Not very sharp shots , but given the fog and light conditions , best I could do .
I never did see the bird with the big wingspan , but from his description , I think it was probably a Common Buzzard .


Warren Baker said...

A brave attempt to bring us some wildlife shots greenie. You did better than I, this gloom is really getting to me!!!!

Dave J. said...

Hi Greenie
Love the shots of the deer, I dn,t get much chance at that sort of photography also interesting about the hedge laying, done a bit of that myself on exmoor years ago, also loved the great crested newts.
All the best
Dave J (wildlife1)
Adress difference using a different account.

Steve said...

Really nice pics of the deer Greenie