Saturday, 8 November 2008

Saturday 8th.November 2008

Well , today started wet and dull , and that was how it finished , with just a little bit of brightness in between .
I went for a walk locally this afternoon in a bright spell , and caught two showers . It was more for fresh air than anything as very little was seen , I did put up a flock of about 10 Redwings and the same number of Fieldfares from a Holly tree , but apart from the usual Rose Ringed Parakeets and a mixed flock of Corvids in the field with the sheep grazing in it , that was it .
Two sightings of the Brambling on the feeders today , and the Chaffinch numbers have increased overnight . It's amazing , nothing on the feeders for ages , then in they all come together , Finches and Tits , then something spooks them , and they disappear again for an age . Still , I suppose it gives the Sparrowhawk less chance make a kill .

As it was so quiet , I am just posting a few more shots from earlier in the year .
Eiders on the Farne Islands .
Artic Tern on the Farne Islands .
Shag on the Farne Islands .

Gannets at Bempton Cliffs .

Answers to last night's birds :-

Bird 7 . French Pie or Woodnacker ------Gt.Sp.Woodpecker

Bird 8 . Bee Biter or Saw Sharpener -----Great Tit

Tonight's birds :-

Bird 9 . Sheep Stare or Chepster

Bird 10 . Field Lark or Our Lady's Hen

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