Thursday, 13 November 2008

Thursday 13th.November 2008

Three days with a chainsaw in the hand , has once again produced very little wildlife . Even the female Brambling has deserted the garden .
Before working on the Common today , I stopped at Keston Ponds . Things are pretty much the same in water fowl numbers , but 3 male and 2 female Manderins have reappeared .
It was and brush up time for a couple of the Canada Geese .
On Tuesday , I did manage to get shots of a male Pheasant ,
and a female Blackbird , both in some sunshine ,
and also a male Kestrel looking for his next meal .
Yesterday , in a break , I got a couple of poor shots of Fieldfare , very wary birds .

Apart from that , it was very quiet .

Answers to the last bird names posted :-

Bird 13 . Guernsey Nightingale or nettle Creeper ----Blackcap

Bird 14 .Mouse Falcon or Stannel Hawk -------------Kestrel

Last few birds with just single names :-

Bird 15 . Devil's Bird Bird 16 . Least Willow Wren

Bird 17 . Gay Pie Bird 18 . Cuddy

Bird 19 . Cock Up Bird 20 . Bellringer

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