Saturday, 25 April 2009

Saturday 25th. April 2009

After the buzz of yesterday's trip to Dungeness , it was back to reality . The morning was overcast and breezy , but there was a promise of sunny periods later . I let the day warm up , whilst I sorted out the photos from the last few days , just as well it wasn't sunny , or that job would have been put off again .
After lunch I took myself off to the Greensand Ridge . The day was warming up nicely , the breeze was still cool , but I thought to myself , this could be a good afternoon for reptiles . Well , that proves how much I know , because it was probably one of my worst visits to the Ridge . No Slow Worms , no Common Lizards , two Adder sightings and two Grass Snakes , one of them being the only reptile found under refugia . Most Grass Snakes found under refugia are coiled , and we all know what happens when a coil is released -and this specimen was no different , before the camera could focus , it was off . In the same area , I posted the first Bluebell in flower this year , now every plant is in flower , producing a raft of colour . In amongst the Bluebells , Red Campion is also coming in to flower .
Butterflies were few and far between , with 2 Peacock , 2 Small White , 2 Speckled Wood , 1 Orange Tip and 1 Green Veined White , this time a male , identified by the single spot on the upper wing . By the side of one of the lakes , a pair of Grey Lag Geese were very protective of their six offspring , keep a good distance from the camera . Also close to the lake was another stand of white Cuckoo Flower or Ladies Smock , normally lilac in colour .
On the way home , I called in at the farm lake , to see how the Little Grebe was getting on with it's nest . Well , it isn't . The wind was blowing across the lake , making it quite choppy . Wether she has given up or not , I don't know , but there was no sign of either adult today . A Grey Heron lifted as I approached , and landed on the far bank , before taking off again , and heading elsewhere . The only change in residents was a female Mallard + 9 ducklings , let's hope they do better than last year's young , none of which survived . Talking youngsters , we had the first youngsters under the feeders this morning , two speckled breasted Robins , being fed by their parents . They did not nest in our garden , but chose two doors down , but used our feeders constantly .
A call on the Common , was very , very quiet , even for birdsong , although the Blackcap near the car park was singing his heart out . The leaves are now out on the Oak with the Purple Hairstreak egg that I have been watching since it was laid , and I am glad to say has survived all that has been thrown at it , and , hopefully , it will emerge into one of the adult butterflies that I hope to photograph there , this Summer . The egg is the small sea urchin shaped spot in the middle of the frame , between two buds .

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Warren Baker said...

Glad you found something to write about in the end greenie! Are we going to be treated to the hairstreak egg actually hatching?