Thursday, 30 April 2009

Thursday 30th.April 2009

Today's forecasted deluge did not materialise , but the morning was not particularly pleasant , with a cool wind , overcast skies and the odd spots of rain . After lunch , it was a little brighter , so I set off for Burnt Gorse at High Elms , as much for a walk as anything . Butterflies were almost non-existant , with just the odd Large and Small Whites , Orange Tip , Speckled Wood and 3 Green Hairstreaks in aerial battle during one of the short hazy sunshine spells . It was a case of thank heavens for birdsong , at least that is about , regardless of the weather . Blackcaps , Chiffchaffs , Gtreat and Blue Tit , Goldcrest , Song Thrush , Pheasant and ( sorry Warren ) , a Tawny Owl were all heard calling . For once , I did not hear Rose Ringed Parakeets , probably nesting . And that was what was on the mind of this Great Tit I found on a path , collecting dogs hairs , no doubt to line it's nest . Along the sheltered hedgerows , large number of St.Mark's Fly-Bibionidae marci , were swarming . They are the ones you see at this time of year , flying with their legs trailing below them . So called , because they appear round about St.Mark's day , April 25th. , and if you wondered what they did when they are not feeding on Wayfarer flowers , They're making more St.Mark's Flies . I am still searching for my first sighting of the Spotted Bee Fly , but every one I examine turns out to be Bombylius major , the common one , here seen
feeding on Bugle . Another insect found on the same bush was this Hawthorn Shield Bug-
Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale , perhaps it hasn't learnt to identify Hawthorn yet . Now is a good time to check out if there are any Wych Elms around , as at this time of year , they tend to drop large quantities of their leaves and seeds , forming a carpet beneath the tree . Well worth a look later in the year for White Letter Hairstreak butterflies , which use them as their food plant , especially since the demise of the English Elm from Dutch Elm Disease . The Wych Elm has not been so badly affected as it tends to grow in woodland , surrounded by other trees , but the English Elm tended to grow on it's own outside woodland , and was thus more susceptible to the disease . Also along a path , I found a Lords and Ladies-Arum maculatum plant that had been munched , probably by slugs , but it shows the fruit which will be orange/red later , but now cream , right at the base of the plant , requiring insects to pass right down the throat of the flower , in order to pollinate the female flowers . The top of the spadix , which attracts the insects has also been eaten away . The first Bird's Foot Trefoil , also know as Bacon and Eggs , has come into flower , so Summer can't be that far away , can it ? After looking again for signs of Bird's Nest Orchid and finding nothing , the biggest surprise of the afternoon was finding my first Fly Orchid-Ophrys insectifera
of the year , just by the side of the path on the Orchid Bank . I have never managed to photograph it myself , but male insects really think it is a female , and attempt to mate with it .


Warren Baker said...

well done on bringing us such a close up on the plantworld Greenie.

I read, but alas all you informative narration cannot be held in my little brain!

Apart from the sound of a Tawny. Now how does it go again?

Ken Browne. said...

Hi Greenie.
As Warren says. I too I wish I could take in all your technical jargon concerning the flora and fauna you see, and photograph,alas I am not that clever, but I can understand how pationate you are about them.Nice pictures Fred.

Anonymous said...

whats up everyone

just registered and put on my todo list

hopefully this is just what im looking for, looks like i have a lot to read.

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