Saturday, 4 April 2009

Saturday 4th.April 2009

Yet another day of two halves . Wetter in the morning , and warmer in the afternoon .
It might have been wetter , but it did not stop WW3 kicking off in the back garden . A pair of Blue Tits have decided to take up residence in the nest box on the side of the garage , just outside the kitchen window , no problem . But then , a male Wren decides to take up residence in the Ivy further along the garage wall , and to deposit some nesting materials , and see if he can attract a female . Unfortunately , both consider the area to be 'their's' . So every time the Blue Tits bring nesting materials to their box , the Wren kicks off with a 'violation of space' row . Very rarely was there time to rest and take account of things . Likewise , when the male Wren tries to attract a female , by singing and doing the 'wing fluttering' bit , the Blue Tits kick off and try to escort him 'beyond the Parish boundary' , as another Blogger would say . Sometimes it was necessary to check 'what's happening outside' , before leaving the new residence . So , all morning it went on , and I must admit that I was pleased when the sun came out after lunch , and I got away from it all , up onto the Common .
Once the sun came out , the temperature rose pretty quickly , and that encouraged the butterflies to emerge . Over on the heathland area , three , testosterone charged male Peacocks took it in turns to have aerial battles that wouldn't have looked out of place in the Battle of Britain . Not a good shot by any means , but the speed and aerial ability was just incredible . Mainly it was one against one , but occasionally , all three got stuck in . When it was just two involved , the third one got his breath back resting on the area that they were all fighting over . Not far away , I came across my first female Brimstone of the season . I watched her fly by ,much paler , almost white in colouration , and she came to rest on the woodland floor , looking almost green at rest in the shade . Later on I saw another female ovipositing on Buckthorn , the food plant of the species . I thought I had managed to get a shot of her in action , but when I looked later , the camera had focused on the closer branches , and she was just a blurr behind . I shall have another go at that shot .
Once again several Chiffchaffs , or a very mobile individual were heard and seen . Whilst sitting watching the Peacocks , the bird song was incessant , a vast majority of it coming from Great Tits , but , Coal Tit , Nuthatch , and Bullfinch were all heard/seen , and a soaring Sparrowhawk was riding the thermals .
When I got home , Carol made a cup of tea , and we sat on the patio . I had hoped for some close ups of the garage residents , but they had other ideas , and did not return to the furnishing until after we came in . A couple of the local troublemakers were keeping an eye on things from our neighbour's roof . Mind you , they probably consider it as their's , as this pair of Jackdaws are nesting in one of the chimneys .

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