Sunday, 13 September 2009

Sunday 13th.September 2009

Visitors yesterday and a hedgelaying demonstration today at High Elms Country Park's Open Day , did not leave any time to get out and about .
All I can offer is , the goings on in one of the bird baths before I set off this morning , quite identifiable as a couple of Starlings , but , when the action started , not quite so identifiable .
And , as promised on a quiet day , the Fox that Carol saw , soaking up the evening sun a few days ago .
First sighting ,I start down the garden , and it hears something , bad shot , but I was on the move .It decides to investigate further ,
Oh , it's only him , I've got time for a stretch and yawn before I slope off .Unfortunately the sun was going down behind the Fox , which didn't help .


Dean said...

Very envious of that, Greenie.

ShySongbird said...

Those Starlings were having a high old time, they always make the water in our birdbath muddier than any of the other birds, either that or they empty it altogether!

Great captures of the Fox, it doesn't look very bothered by you at all!

Warren Baker said...

Looks like you could do with some of my 'commando' moves Greenie! :-)